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Hire a campervan in New Zealand. You can find out the cost of campervan and motorhome hire in New Zealand from our user-friendly booking engine. It is secure and easy to use. Add in the extras , check out the camper van from inside and out. See how old it is. Read all the terms and conditions and see exactly how much it will cost before you book.

New Zealand Maui campervan special offer

maui motorhomes new zealand
NOW 30% off special
Travel Grande Spirit 2 TS Ultima Spirit 4 Spirit 6
4 August to 30 September 2010

• For all new bookings received between 4 August to 24 September 2010
• For travel commenced & completed 4 August to 30 September 2010
• Locations available from: All Maui NZ branches
• Locations available to: All Maui NZ branches
• Minimum 7 day bookings.
• maui standard rates apply either side of travel validity
• This offer may not be used in conjunction with other special offers or combined to receive further (if
applicable) long hire discounted rates.
• Offer is subject to availability at all times based on fleet capacity assigned to this special package
• Vehicles are subject to availability at all times
• maui reserves the right to withdraw the offer from sale at any time
• Long hire discounts apply
• Rates are Gross
• All other maui New Zealand standard terms & conditions apply