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Scotland in the Winter

Scotland in the Winter

I came across this video today and thought you might also like to see it.

I’ll be adding more detail about travelling around Scotland in the winter.  I have been in a campervan over winter in Scotland and armed with walking boots, warm clothes and a flask of hot tea, set off on some amazing walks.

Free-camping is ok in most places around Scotland so the diesel overnight heater on board was essential when tempertures outside dropped to -6C and the water in the dog bowl froze!

Walking in the snow and having the place to ourselves was just magical.  Don’t be put off but be prepared.  Returning with the glow of a keen wind and finding warmth in the camper after a good stride across the hills is fantastic.


Top 10 Campervan and Motorhome Holiday Destinations

Top 10 Campervan and Motorhome Holiday Destinations

Road Bear RV Special Discounts
On the road – freedom to dream.

I have been looking at the top ten holiday destinations online, in the newspapers and from discussing the options with friends.  Everybody has a different view.

Trip Advisor publishes their traveller’s choice awards based on reviews from the Trip Advisor website.  The UK is tops here.  It is great for visitors from outside of the UK as our pound is very cheap if you are buying it from the USA, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.  There is incredibly good value in holidays here.

The best offers for renting a campervan or motorhome in the UK can be found here: Best offers on campervan and motorhome rental in the UK

UK Campervan and Motorhome rental special offers.
UK Campervan and Motorhome rental special offers.

France is listed third on the Trip Advisor list but it would come higher on mine.  Travelling through France in a motorhome is so well accepted that there are free places to camp overnight.  There are thousands of campsites that are everywhere and they are of a very high standard.

Many people take their own motorhomes to France but if you are further afield or, you want to have a taster and don’t own your own, then take the train, a car or fly to one of the main towns in France and you will find that we offer rentals from these centres.

There are pick up points in the following places in France: Ajaccio, Angers, Bordeaux, Caen, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Poitiers, Rouen, Toulouse and Tours.

The vehicles in France range from small two berth campers:


to 4-berth campervans with shower and toilet on board.

France-4-berth campervan rental.
France-4-berth campervan rental.

The larger 6-berth motorhomes are great for family holidays.

6 berth motorhome with bike racks for rental in France.
6 berth motorhome with bike racks for rental in France.

The next country in Trip Advisor’s best places to travel is Italy.  We rent out here too.  In fact, you can pick up in any of these cities:

Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Turin, Pomezia, Albenga, Alghero, Bari, Golfo Aranci, Grosseto, Massa Carrara, Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa, Naples, Olbia, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Pisa, Pomezia, Pordenone, Porto Torres, Reggio Calabria,Rimini, Rome, Rome Ciampino airport, Rome Fiumicino airport, San Giovanni La Punta, Santa Teresa Gallura Port, Siena-Ampugnano, Trapani, Treviso, Trieste, Turin, Venice, Verona, Vicenza.

Of course, you may be able to take your own camper to Europe, but if you are from Australia, the exchange rate is brilliant!  If we want to go to Australia or New Zealand then our pound may not go as far but if we book early, then the rates are a lot cheaper.  Now is the time to book for next down under summer.  Or, if you don’t mind a cooler trip in the winter of New Zealand, then the rates are great.

Australia has a winterless north so book now for July and August as you won’t regret taking the kids to the Barrier Reef, or the Kimberleys or just the beach on one of Australia’s great stretches of golden sands.

If you are looking for an adventure that will get the adrenalin running then we also offer 4×4 campers for hire in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Namibia on the road!  

This is a great way to experience the African bush.  Stay in campsites and explore the game parks and really get close to the wild life.  Take a good camera, and steady nerves!

If you haven’t thought of it before, the USA and Canada are second to none in providing the most amazing and spectacular scenery and experiences that will make your motorhome holiday the best.  Campsites are everywhere and kitted out with bbq areas, almost as much as the Ozzies!  The roads are big and wide as are the campers.  RV rental is on a different scale.  Loads of room and miles and miles of roads to explore and so family friendly.

Check out the deals here for this summer RV Rental in USA discounts and special offers.

Good luck planning your road trip but if you need any help, drop us an email and we’ll get you the best rates ever!

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from?

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from?

Depot locations for campervan and motorhome rental
Where shall I collect my Motorhome from?

This is one of the most frequent replies I make from emails that clients send to me.

They include the dates and number of people travelling but I need more than that.

I do need to know the age of the driver.  In some cases, although not all, the driver needs to be over 25.  This is not the case in all countries though.

In many you can hire at 21.  You must hold a credit card in your name in all cases.

Motorhome rental.
Hire a campervan or motorhome.

One way hires are more expensive and in Europe there is an extra charge applied on the basis of Euro1.00 for every 1km between the pick up and drop off depots.

This is because the hire supplier will have to send someone to pick it up and return it to its original destination.

One way hires in Canada, USA and Australia and New Zealand are usually a fixed charge and this is often waived if the hire is for longer than 21 days.

One way hires often take longer to approve as the release of a vehicle is at the discretion of the fleet manager and they work out where the vehicle has to be for the next customer to rent it out.  Also, where that vehicle is before your hire.

Family holidays in a campervan.
Family holidays in a campervan.

There are hundreds of points of collection on our website and these are displayed below. This is correct at time of publishing.  We do change these from time to time.

The full address of each depot is listed on our website. If you click on the “make a booking” button you will see the address on the same page where the summary of all the charges are made.  (You don’t have to input your payment details to see the summary.)

All the depot locations are listed on this link:

Campervan and Motorhome Rental locations by Country

If you click on any of the names of the country you can select a drop down menu to see the depot locations for them individually.

Australia ausimage



Botswana campervan and 4×4 rental.

Canada RV rental and campervan hire


Croatia motorhome rental

Finland motorhome rental

France motorhome hire


Germany campervan hire


Hungary motorhome rental

Iceland campervan and motorhome hire

Ireland campervan and motorhome rental.


Italy campervan and motorhome hire


Mozambique 4 x 4 camper rental and motorhome hire

Namibia 4 x 4 rental and motorhome hire.

Netherlands campervan and motorhome rental.


New Zealand campervan and motorhome hire.


Norway campervan and motorhome rental.

Portugal campervan and motorhome rental.


South Africa campervan and motorhome rental.


Spain campervan and motorhome rental.


Sweden campervan and motorhome rental.

Switzerland campervan and motorhome rental.

Tanzania campervan and motorhome rental.

United Kingdom campervan and motorhome rental.


USA campervan and motorhome rental.


Zambia campervan and motorhome rental.

Zimbabwe 4 x 4, campervan and motorhome rental.



We are often asked to recommend a type of campervan or motorhome for holidays or road trips or just as a spare room.  We have to ask quite a lot of questions before we can suggest which one will fit the requirements of our customers.  We can make suggestions but ultimately it is up to the customer to make the final decision.  To help you make that decision I have outlined below what we like to know before we can make a recommendation.

Campervan hire. Follow your dreams.
Campervan hire. Follow your dreams.

Also, there are many review sites that you can refer to but often these highlight the bad experiences that people have that can sometimes happen.  All of the campervan and motorhome suppliers that we book on our websites and www. have been in business for many, many years and so are reliable and they have our confidence too as we have been booking campervan and motorhome rental for nearly 20 years.

4 berth camper hire
Explore the world

Our customers will often search online for reviews.  However, it is difficult to know who are the main suppliers of rentals in each country and who is new and who is long established.

6_berth rv rental
6 berth campervan rental in America.

Our website now has a star rating system that you can refer to.  We only put stars on the vehicles once they have received over 10 ratings.

Spaceships rating


You can select from the left hand menu by rating which standards you would like to see displayed.

We also offer a filter that will display the age of the vehicles.  This is important in many ways but often the age of the vehicle will determine its daily rental rate. However, if you book early you are likely to get a really new campervan at the same price as a very old one.  This is how some suppliers work. It is a similar system to pricing as the airlines use. Book early,  fill the seats, put the price up nearer to the date of departure.

Bike rental with motorhome rental.
Take your bikes on your campervan hire holiday.

If you are on a budget then definitely book early to take advantage of this pricing structure.  You will find this particularly in RV rental in America and Canada and also in New Zealand and Australia.

The European and UK rental companies will usually offer discounts for early bookings but not on the flex rates that change every week.

2 berth hi-top rental
Rent a campervan for your honeymoon.

If you are on a budget and are considering an older vehicle then be prepared to be offered a vehicle that has done high mileage (particularly in Australia, Canada and the USA).  The vehicle will be tired around the edges and worn.  But they do offer good value for money as they should be well maintained and clean.

5 berth hi-top rental
You can all sleep in comfort in your camper home for you holidays.

They are also more prone to breakdown but this is avoided as it is costly for the rental supplier as they have to take time to repair the vehicle and in some cases deliver a replacement.  Hire suppliers don’t want your vehicle to break down as it costs them money.

The reviews seen on line usually highlight breakdowns or malfunctions in the campers and motorhomes.  This is unfortunate but things do stop working on occasions or pipes do get blocked.  If there is a problem and it has been unreported by a previous hirer then the next customer suffers because of it.

Luxury motorhome rental.
Luxury motorhome rental.

Sometimes people who rent vehicles are reluctant to make the hire supplier aware of a problem for fear of being charged for repairs or breakages and this has the knock on effect for the next client.

It is in our interest and in the best interests of our rental suppliers that our customers and clients are happy as return customers are the backbone of any business and we find that our customers will recommend us again and again for offering the correct vehicle at the right price.

Upstairs bed.
Climb up to your bed.

The right price for one customer is not the same as the right price for another.  We have people who want the very best vehicles we can offer.  These are large, sleep at least six people, have slide out sides to offer more space.  They are not cheap. These customers want the very newest and the top of the range motorhomes as they want to travel long distances for many months.

Sleeper car rental.
sleeper car rental.

Our backpacker customers want the best and cheapest rate possible. They don’t want in built toilet and showers and luxury kitchens.  They just want a vehicle to sleep in and make a cup of tea or heat up noodles.   These vehicles are basic, older and cheap.  They are more like sleeper cars than campervans.  But they are on our lists.  The reviews against these vehicles are often because they are old and worn.

The low-top or hi-top have kitchens and a double bed.  The space is limited but if you are staying in campsites each night you don’t need showers and a toilet on board.  You may want to cook a more sophisticated meal and need a fully stocked kitchen and you want to sleep under a duvet (or doonah) with pillows and not a sleeping  bag.

These campers are mid-priced and do vary in age but are a great budget vehicle.

Always consider the sleeping arrangements.  If you are tall check out the bed sizes:

Check the bed size of your campervan.
Check the bed size of your campervan.

Some suppliers will also vary the thickness of the mattress too.

If this is important to your holiday, then please double check that the bed sizes suit. Also, consider the single and double bed configuration. Some people prefer to have separate beds, but some campervans have single beds only suitable for children. Others have double beds above the cab and this is great if you are ok climbing the ladder at night.

Larger vehicles have bigger double beds.

Are you happy making the bed up each night?  Some vehicles require that you move the cushions around and bring out a base support to create a double bed at night. So check out the “day and night time layout” as this means you have to convert the layout at night.

Day layout of a campervan

Night time layout of your campervan.

The amount of time you spend in the camper will help you make the decision on what size of camper.  You can have a layout that has a permanent table or a permanent bed or both.  You can have a larger kitchen with a three way fridge and small freezer depending on whether you want to cook a full dinner or if you prefer to eat out or bbq or just heat up food.

Some campervans and motorhomes have microwaves fitted but these will only work if you are hooked up to the mains electricity supply.  Check the length of the hook up wire, some can be quite short.

Rent a 4 wheel drive camper.
Rent a 4×4 camper.

All of the above affects the way you feel about your campervan. It is your home for the duration of your rental. Hundreds of thousands of people every year rent a motorhome. Each have different criteria that make it the perfect one for them.  Consider how you want to live when you rent and how much you want to pay. This may determine how long you can hire a vehicle for.  If you are living out of a hi-top for three months – and people do – does it have enough space for you to stand up in or lay around and read?

relax in a camper.
Relax. You are on holiday.

Let us know if there is anything else you would consider when renting a campervan.  Ask us…its our job to help.

Happy holidays! 🙂

Current special offers.

List of countries we arrange campervan and motorhome rental:
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States


Visit Scotland this summer in a campervan.

Pick up in Edinburgh or Glasgow and head north. Book online Scotland motorhome hire


There are plenty of campsites and Visit Scotland Driving routes in Scotland offers plenty of options.

Driving by region

Information about driving to and around each of Scotland’s regions can be found by clicking on the links below:

There are also 12 National Touring Routes:Scotland touring routes.

These 12 routes will direct you off the main trunk roads and motorways to discover Scotland’s diverse landscape, towns and villages and find great things to see and do on the way. The routes are easy to follow, vary in length and are well signposted with distinctive brown and white signs.

Angus Coastal Route

The Angus Coastal Route begins in Dundee, the city of jam, jute and journalism which has top attractions such as the RSS Discovery, and takes you 58 miles (93 km) through Angus and north to Aberdeen, a stunning city of glittering granite. Along the way you will discover the spectacular coastline dotted with picturesque seaside resorts – Broughty Ferry, Monifieth, Carnoustie, Arbroath, Montrose, Inverbervie and Stonehaven.

You’ll also enjoy sandy beaches, championship golf courses, nature reserves, country parks and a fertile countryside reaching inland through the Mearns and the Vale of Strathmore to the scenic splendour of the Angus Glens and the Grampians.

Argyll Coastal Route

On this 149 mile (238 km) journey from Tarbet on the bonny banks of Loch Lomond, you will travel up through Argyll and on to Fort William in the Highlands. As you climb steadily be sure to enjoy the famous viewpoint, the Rest and be Thankful, before descending to Inveraray and continuing on along the shores of Loch Fyne to Lochgilphead.

Turning north, you’ll pass the lovely Crinan Canal and reach the bustling port town of Oban, which is a gateway to many of the west coast islands. Enjoy the fine view across the Firth of Lorn and the Sound of Mull to the Inner Hebrides. From Oban, cross the impressive Connel Bridge and journey on up through Ballachulish to Fort William, which nestles at the foot of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain.

Borders Historic Route

Discover the dramatic scenery of the Scottish Borders on a 95 mile (142 km) journey between the English city of Carlisle and Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. You will travel through an area which has been at the heart of Scotland’s history and culture for centuries, and which was a major inspiration for Sir Walter Scott’s romantic novels.

Follow in the footsteps of the Border Reivers by crossing the Border between England and Scotland at Scots Dyke and enjoy the peaceful countryside, castles and grand houses of the royal burghs.

Be sure to stop off to enjoy or even pick up unique crafts and clothing made by artists and designers who have long been attracted to the area’s breathtaking natural beauty ay places like the Borders Textile Towerhouse. You also may wish stock up on tasty treats such as Galashiels Soor Plooms and the Selkirk Bannock before continuing on to Edinburgh.

Clyde Valley Tourist Route

Follow the River Clyde through contrasting landscapes which are rich in history by turning off the M74 at Abington (or Hamilton if approaching from the opposite direction) and following the signs along the 42 mile (67 km) stretch of roads including the A73, A72 and A702.

The route passes the New Lanark World Heritage Site, a beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill set within a lush valley nature reserve, which was a ground-breaking model of industrial community living.

The route also takes in Chatelherault, a magnificently restored former hunting lodge which has over ten miles of way-marked pathways through 500 acres of countryside and woodland. If you want to get your heart racing, you can take advantage of the extensive watersports facilities, theme park and nature trails at Strathclyde Country Park.

In Blantyre, near Hamilton, you will find the David Livingstone Centre where you can find out about Scotland’s most famous missionary and explorer before continuing on to cluster offascinating museums around the quaint market town of Biggar.

Find out more about Greater Glasgow & The Clyde Valley.

Deeside Tourist Route

The Deeside Tourist Route begins in the new city of Perth and runs north for 107 miles (171 km) to Aberdeen.  You will travel through the area around Blairgowrie, which has long been associated with the growing of soft fruit, before the Highland landscape takes over and the route climbs 2,182 ft (665 m) on the A93, Britain’s highest main road.

Enjoy spectacular mountain views in every direction as you pass through Glenshee, which is home to one of Scotland’s five snowsports centres and offers has an excellent array of other outdoor pursuits, before descending to Braemar.

As you drive through Royal Deeside, you will pass Balmoral Castle, a summer residence of the Royal Family since the days of Queen Victoria and the newest addition to Scotland’s only Castle Trail. Follow the route through the delightful villages of Ballater, Aboyne and Banchory before finally reaching Aberdeen, the Granite City.

Fife Coastal Route

The Fife Coastal Route runs 85 miles (136 km) around the beautiful north east coast of theKingdom of Fife. Follow the route north from Edinburgh or south from Dundee. Starting from Edinburgh, cross the iconic Forth Road Bridge and stop just before reaching Fife at Deep Sea World where an underwater tunnel will take you exploring far beneath the waves.

Following the signs west will take you further into the Forth Estuary, where, around half an hour from Scotland’s modern capital, is the country’s ancient capital Dunfermline and the Royal Burgh of Culross, which is an outstanding example of a 16th century town.

The coastal route can also be followed east from the Forth bridges, where you will find lovely sandy beaches such as Aberdour, Silversands and Kinghorn and the picturesque villages of theEast Neuk with their distinctive red pantiled roofs, arts scenes and unspoilt beaches. Keep following the route and you will reach St Andrews, the Home of Golf , seat of Scotland’s oldest university and a fascinating historic town.

Forth Valley Tourist Route

This short, 40 mile (64 km) route from Edinburgh to Stirling takes in the attractive old burgh of South Queensferry, which is dominated by the mighty Forth road and rail bridges. Nearby areDalmeny House and the elegant Hopetoun House, one of Scotland’s finest Adams’ mansions.

In West Lothian, you can take a look around the historic Linlithgow Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots was born, hop on a train at Bo’ness and Kinneil Steam Railway or enjoy outdoor activities at Beecraigs Country Park. Next on the route, you will reach the bustling town of Falkirk, with its own impressive mansion, Callendar House and The Falkirk Wheel, a stunning feat of 21st-century engineering and the world’s only rotating boat lift.

As you enter Stirlingshire, you will see the rolling Ochil hills in the distance with the villages and towns of Clackmannanshire beneath them. Then you’ll pass Bannockburn, the site of one of Scotland’s most historic and celebrated battles, on the way into Stirling, the city where the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle sits proudly atop the hills. Take a look at the excellentForth Timeline for more itinerary ideas in the area, including details on the Clackmannanshire Tower Trail.

Find out about Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, Stirling & Forth Valley.

Galloway Tourist Route

This route stretches for 96 miles (154 km) from Gretna, which has a fascinating history of welcoming runaway couples who wish to wed, through the lush countryside of Dumfries & Galloway and into Ayrshire, in the very heart of Burns’ country.

As you travel you will be able to seek out the Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop at Gretna Green before continuing on to Dumfries, a quaint market town which is home to the award-winning Robert Burns Centre and Bridge House Museum. At Dalbeattie you can join the Solway Coast Heritage Trail to visit the abundance of castles, abbeys, gardens and harbours further west.

Next on the Galloway Tourist Route, you’ll find Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway’s Food Town, which has around 50 local businesses involved in either producing or selling food and drink, and is the ideal place to stop for a delicious meal. On the way out of town you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of colourful Threave Gardens, or ponder over the bloody history of Threave Castle, the ancient stronghold of the Black Douglasses.

From here you can venture through the expansive countryside of the Galloway Forest Park and can take in the Carsphain Heritage Centre before an area with the industrial heritage, Ayrshire’s Doon Valley.

Highland Tourist Route

From Aberdeen, follow the 118 mile (189 km) Highland Tourist Route to Inverness. On the way you can visit the Grampian Transport Museum at Alford, which offers an insight into the history of transport in the north east.

The route continues through the lovely valley of Upper Donside and the heather-clad slopes of the Lecht,where you will find one of the country’s snowsports centres, and fringes the Cairngorms, where there is another.

Travel into Speyside, the heart of whisky country where you might want to stay a few days to enjoy guided tours around some of the Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail distilleries, and sample a complimentary ‘wee dram’ . The last lap of the route takes you through Grantown-on-Spey, a popular salmon-fishing centre and then on to the city of Inverness, the capital of the Highlands.

Moray Firth Route

The Moray Firth Route takes you round in an 80 mile (128 km) semi-circle from Inverness around three of the most beautiful inlets on the east coast of Britain – the Beauly, Cromarty and Dornoch firths – as it heads north into the heart of the northern Highlands.

The Struie viewpoint over the Dornoch Firth will take your breath away, as well as salmon leaping at the Falls of Shin. Stop at the Storehouse of Foulis to discover your clan history, or see whisky being made at Glen Ord .

Other things that you may wish to do on the route include a walk to the dramatic 18th century arches of the Fyrish monument, a visit to Beauly Priory or learn about the archaeology of the north at Ferrycroft, Lairg. You can also enjoy creative attractions and events along the way.

North & West Highlands Route

This route boasts some of the most magnificent scenery in Europe – wild mountains and lochs, foaming salmon rivers, rugged coastlines with mighty sea cliffs and secluded sandy bays, traditional crofts and large farms, small fishing villages and bustling towns.

Starting at the thriving fishing village of Ullapool, the 140 mile (224 km) route winds its way north through the magnificent mountain country of the northern Highlands, passing the picturesque villages of Achiltibuie, Lochinver and Kinlochbervie as it makes for Durness in the far north west corner of Scotland.

From Durness, the route heads east through gradually softening scenery to John o’ Groats, taking you from one end of Scotland’s north coast to the other.

Perthshire Tourist Route

The 45 mile (72 km) route through Perthshire begins just north of Dunblane and takes you to Ballinluig near Pitlochry. A very attractive alternative to the main A9, it runs through rolling farmland before arriving at the pleasant hillside town of Crieff.

As you drive onwards the lush, cultivated landscape changes dramatically and gives way to the rugged splendour of the Sma’ Glen, which is a small glen containing all the main features of the Highlands in miniature. Scree, rocks and heather covered slopes tower up on both sides of the glen, which has its connections to Ossian, the legendary Gaelic bard and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Descend from here to the charming Aberfeldy and skirt the fast flowing River Tay on the A827, rejoining the A9 near Pitlochry.



Rugby World Cup Schedule of Fixtures 2015

Download the schedule here

Book your campervan or motorhome hire for the Rugby World Cup 2015 here

USA Qualifies for the Rugby World Cup 2014

Congratulations to the USA on qualifying for Rugby World Cup 2015. Mike Tolkin’s men beat Uruguay 59-40 over two legs to book their place at RWC 2015 as the Americas 2 qualifier. The Eagles will touch down in Brighton, Gloucester, Leeds and London next year. With just four teams left to qualify, the RWC 2015 fixture list continues to take shape – click below to see the updated match schedule.

Follow the tour in an rv

18/09 – 20:00 England  – Oceania 1 Twickenham
20/09 – 14:30 Wales  – Play-Off Winner Millennium Stadium
23/09 – 17:00 Australia  – Oceania 1 Millennium Stadium
26/09 – 20:00 England  – Wales Twickenham
27/09 – 12:00 Australia  – Play-Off Winner Villa Park
01/10 – 20:00 Wales  – Oceania 1 Millennium Stadium
03/10 – 20:00 England  – Australia Twickenham
06/10 – 20:00 Oceania 1  – Play-Off Winner Stadiummk
10/10 – 17:00 Australia  – Wales Twickenham
10/10 – 20:00 England  – Play-Off Winner Manchester City Stadium
19/09 – 20:00 South Africa  – Asia 1 Brighton Community Stadium
20/09 – 12:00 Samoa  – USA Brighton Community Stadium
23/09 – 14:30 Scotland  – Asia 1 Kingsholm
26/09 – 17:00 South Africa  – Samoa Villa Park
27/09 – 14:30 Scotland  – USA Elland Road
03/10 – 14:30 Samoa  – Asia 1 Stadiummk
03/10 – 17:00 South Africa  – Scotland St James Park
07/10 – 17:00 South Africa  – USA Olympic Stadium
10/10 – 14:30 Samoa  – Scotland St James Park
11/10 – 20:00 USA  – Asia 1 Kingsholm
19/09 – 12:00 Tonga  – Georgia Kingsholm
20/09 – 17:00 New Zealand  – Argentina Wembley Stadium
24/09 – 20:00 New Zealand  – Africa 1 Olympic Stadium
25/09 – 17:00 Argentina  – Georgia Kingsholm
29/09 – 17:00 Tonga  – Africa 1 Sandy Park
02/10 – 20:00 New Zealand  – Georgia Millennium Stadium
04/10 – 14:30 Argentina  – Tonga Leicester City Stadium
07/10 – 20:00 Africa 1  – Georgia Sandy Park
09/10 – 20:00 New Zealand  – Tonga St James Park
11/10 – 12:00 Argentina  – Africa 1 Leicester City Stadium
19/09 – 14:30 Ireland  – Canada Millennium Stadium
19/09 – 17:00 France  – Italy Twickenham
23/09 – 20:00 France  – Romania Olympic Stadium
26/09 – 14:30 Italy  – Canada Elland Road
27/09 – 17:00 Ireland  – Romania Wembley Stadium
01/10 – 17:00 France  – Canada Stadiummk
04/10 – 17:00 Ireland  – Italy Olympic Stadium
06/10 – 17:00 Canada  – Romania Leicester City Stadium
11/10 – 14:30 Italy  – Romania Sandy Park
11/10 – 17:00 France  – Ireland Millennium Stadium