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Campervan and motorhome rental in the Usa

Plan your road trip now.

Apollo Eurostar

Phew, the summer holidays are almost over and we are all back to work.  Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to another road trip and plan your next holiday now?

The first and probably the most expensive part of your next road trip will be getting flights booked.  It makes a lot of sense to book early.  Airlines often use a flex-rate system to fill their planes. So early bookers get the best deals.  Here is a list from Money Supermarket showing when airlines release their flight deals.

Flight release dates for best rates.

We also encourage you to book early for campervan, motorhome and rv rental.  Here are the direct links for early booking special offers:

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Canada Canada RV Rental. Book Early for Cheap Rentals.

Croatia Croatia Campervan and Motorhome Rental Special Discounts for Early Booking.


Estonia Estonia Special Discounts for Early Booking. Rent a campervan for next year’s road trip.

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Family Holidays in a Motorhome
Family Holidays in a Motorhome

Zambia Tour Zambia in a 4×4 Camper. Book Now for the best rates.

Zimbabwe Tour Zimbabwe in a 4×4 Camper. Book Now.

Apollo campers in the USA

Apollo campervans are expanding their USA and Canada fleets

Apollo Eurostar
Apollo campers in the USA

Hi,  today I read that Apollo campervans are expanding their fleet by buying up Canadream and opening new depots in the USA.  That’s not all, it says in The Australian” newspaper that they will also move into the UK and Europe market.

That is good news for people looking to hire a campervan.  At peak times availability is limited.  It could also be a response to European companies setting up in New Zealand.  McRent now have a presence there too.

It all makes sense to balance the cash flow between the northern and southern hemispheres making a campervan rental business busy all year around instead of just at peak season.

And, the best news of all, we provide great rates for Apollo, Canadream and McRent on our website

This follows on from Maui working with JustGo in the UK and Jucy campers also running a fleet in the US. It is just one big global market place! Even Spaceships have expanded their fleet outside of Australia.

Our rates are very competitive and we offer a comparison option so you can get the best deal.

Exciting times for all of us.

In My Inbox – campervan rental discounts and special offers. South Dakota is winterising! Food across the USA, Maui Australia featured 6-berth

South Dakota – a road trip stop over.

Firstly,  it is a very warm and sunny day here in the UK.  It is going to be hot later but I can’t get too overwhelmed by scenes of golden beaches and green wide open spaces and roads that disappear in a heat haze over the horizon because….South Dakota sent this:

South Dakota’s Celebrated Winte

South Dakota in the Snow
It may be summer but South Dakota has more options to show you in the winter.
Winter shouldn’t just be endured, it should be celebrated in South Dakota! For a memorable trip of a lifetime, here is an outdoor adventure list of must-experience activities for an enjoyable winter trip across the state:

So chill out with this news and cool down!

However, if you are in South Dakota in your rv this summer there are also those memorable sites to see as it is the home of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, Badlands National Park and Custer State Park.

Just so you don’t get the wrong impression of South Dakota, here are some fantastic scenery shots taken in South Dakota. Thanks to the Tourism board for these:

Badlands, South Dakota.
Badlands, South Dakota. Must see on your RV Road Trip.

RV Road trip South Dakota
South Dakota clouds
Black Hills South Dakota USA
Black Hills South Dakota USA
GoodEarthStatePark, South Dakota
GoodEarthStatePark, South Dakota
Missouri River
Pactola Lake
Pactola Lake
Palisades, South Dakota.
Palisades, South Dakota.
SicaHollow South Dakota
SicaHollow South Dakota

There are many, many more attractions to see.  Check out the official  South Dakota tourist information site:

Also, they publish a guide to fuel costs! How good is that for us rv’ers! South Dakota fuel costs

Food Network’s USA Road Trip.

USA Food Network Across the States

Featured Motorhome from Australia.

This week there are discounts on offer from Maui in Australia on their Maui River motorhome.  Here is some more info on this iconic motorhome.

Maui River 6 berth motorhome available to rent in Australia.
15 percent off and no one-way fee special deal.
Maui River Motorhome 6 berth for rent in Australia.


This ‘state of the art’ motorhome is perfect for families. It has a spacious living area and plenty of storage. The kids can be safely buckled up in the back and entertained by their favourite DVD. There is a large fridge and although you are camping there is no need to rough it! You will find china crockery, a coffee plunger and decent wine glasses. The shower is hot and towels are abundant!

Vehicle Age: less than 2.5 years
Make / Model:Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen
Engine Size: 2.2L Turbo Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Consumption: 13 Litres / 100KM
Onboard Toilet, Shower,Hot Water, Gas – for cooking and heating. Sink.
Air Con – Driver’s Cab and in main Cab
Heating – Driver’s Cab and main Cab
Gas x 4 hob cooktop with Oven/furnace.
Microwave,Fridge / Cooler, fridge / freezer (140L)
Other Vehicle Features
Cruise Control,ABS / Power Brakes,Internal Access,Awning, Flyscreens, Bike Rack,Power Supply: 12V battery / 240V mains


 Suitable for People with Disabilities
 Pets Allowed
 Tank Capacities
Fresh Water: 90L (24gal)
Grey Water:90L (24gal)
Black Water: 15L (4gal)
Fuel:75L (20gal)
Gas Bottle: 9kg
Sleeping Capacity:  6 adults
Seat Belts: 2 in Driver’s Cabin 4 in Rear

Child and Baby Seats

This vehicle has positioning for two child restraints. A child seat (from birth until approximately four years) or booster seat (for children aged between four and seven years) can be fitted to the rear seats in the main cabin.

Minimum Driver Age: 21
HT Licence Required:No


Cab over – 1.5m x 2m (4′11″ x 6′7″)
Dinette – 1.2m x 1.9m (3′11″ x 6′3″)
Double – 1.3m x 2m (4′3″ x 6′7″)

Radio, Cassette, CD,DVD,TV, iPod / USB Connection,MP3 / MP4 Playback

Vehicle Dimensions
Length: 7.2m (23′7″)
Width: 2.5m (8′2″)
Height: 3.3m (10′10″)
Interior Height: 2.1m (6′11″) In my In-box: USA,Canada, New Zealand…

USA best beach:  Great overnight stopover.

Dr Beach has voted Florida’s Siesta Beach as the top beach in the USA.  It has the best beach safety, environmental protection and has adopted non-smoking policies.

It also has find white sand and is environmentally healthy.  If you want to visit in your rv then we would suggest checking out: 

which has links to sites. I haven’t yet been to visit these, so check out independent reviews to help you make your choices.


I also received a link to this exciting option to do on a road trip when you need a few days adrenalin rush.

not for the feint hearted!

Maybe on my next trip!

Of course, there is always a tamer option of the Calgary Stampede:

If you want to park up your rv while visiting the Stampede the check out

Know Before You Go:

This is a free service provided by the UK Government that highlights the political situation in countries around the world and assesses the risks for travellers.  Today I checked out the fire risk in Portugal.

“A forest fire has claimed the lives of a large number of people in the Pedrogão Grande area of central Portugal. Other smaller fires have also been reported elsewhere in the country due to high temperatures. Avoid travelling to the affected areas until the authorities confirm that it’s safe to do so. Take care when visiting or driving through woodland areas and report fires to the emergency services on 112. See Natural disasters

Portuguese Met Office.

New Zealand Short Day Walks

The Department of Conservation and Tourism New Zealand have combined to promote short day walks to best meet the needs of New Zealanders and visiting tourists.

One of the beauties of touring New Zealand in a campervan is being able to park up, have breakfast, pack a lunch and head off on a hike knowing that on your return you can sleep or cook up a fantastic meal as you have definitely earned it.

Many of the walks into the bush are well catered for but it would be just a great idea to have a guide to the short walks all in one place.

Watch this space for the announcement of the guide.

Short Walks in New Zealand – camp for the day in your campervan and head off for a good day’s walk.Wall

Day walks in New Zealand
Park up in a campervan, pack a snack and head off on a walk.

This site

is packed with information to help you plan your road-trip around New Zealand.  We rent out campervans

and cars:

Lonely Planet provided this information on how to put together a more sophisticated camera kit other than just a mobile phone:

Camera kit bodies such as Fujifilm’s X series and Sony’s Alpha are smaller bodies with interchangable lenses.

They suggest taking a wide-angle, telephoto and zoom lenses. But you may be able to capture most scenes with a fixed focal length lens (Prime) . They suggest a 50mm lens for general use and a 35 mm for landscapes, street scenes and architecture and a 85 mm for portaits.

Wildlife photography needs a 300mm or 600mm.

Keep a uv filter on your lens to protect it.

Take The Iceland Pledge…

Iceland is promoting responsible tourism.  Iceland has seen visitor numbers rise and promoting responsible tourism helps preserve the natural habitat that visitors go to Iceland to see.

We promote Iceland campervan and motorhome rental so are pleased to promote this too.

Iceland campervan rental.

WE have taken the Iceland Pledge

Will you? In My Inbox Today: Scotland, Road Trips, Polar Bears, Grizzley Bears, Orcas….

Campervan and Motorhome rental Scotland
Add castles to your road trip around Scotland.

Visit Scotland posts regular updates on where to go and what to see in Scotland.

I toured Scotland in a campervan last year and was amazed at how empty it was even in the height of summer and also how welcoming everybody is.  We toured in the wilds of Scotland and stayed overnight in campsites and also took advantage of Scotland’s acceptance of free-camping.

A perfect mix of community and getting away from it all.

The official tourist site Visit Scotland  

has a great range of information to help us road-trippers plan a route to find the best of what Scotland has to offer.

Here’s a few driving tips for Scotland too:

Wanderlust Magazine published this great guide to 16 of the world’s best one-week road trips.

They are designed for cars but I have included them here as I like the routes!

USA RV rental road trip
USA Road_trip

You can read the full article here.

  • 1: Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway – USA
  • 2: Cape Tribulation – Australia
  • 3: Mae Hong Son Loop – Thailand
  • 4: The Romantic Road – Germany
  • 5: Parks Tour – Costa Rica
  • 6: Gaspésie Grand Tour – Canada
  • 7: Ruta 40 – Argentina
  • 8: Norwegian Coast – Norway
  • 9: The Coromandel Peninsula – New Zealand
  • 10: Central Hokkaido Route – Japan
  • 11: North Coast 500 – Scotland
  • 12: Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland
  • 13: Route 62 – South Africa
  • 14: The Ring Road – Iceland
  • 15: Skeleton Coast – Namibia
  • 16: The Pirate Route – Jamaica


Every day I get emails from the Canadians about what to do and see in Canada.  Here is a brief selection of those that have landed in the last few days:

Kayak with Orca.  This is amazing!

Polar Bears?

Grizzley Bears? In My Inbox today South Africa,

Where to See the Total Eclipse in the USA.


This from National Geographic:


In August, the total eclipse will be visible from a 70-mile-wide corridor stretching about 2,500 miles diagonally from west to east. Depending on where along this pathway you are, the moon will cover the entire sun for up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The path begins in Oregon and crosses through portions of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina before ending in South Carolina.

Where to rent an rv for the ecipse viewing:

Live Stream  of Eclipse from NASA

South African Tourist Board sent me this little beauty:

Campervan and Motorhome rental in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique:

If you are following the Lions’ Tour of New Zealand then check out this latest weather forecast.  Take care all you Barmy Army!

New Zealand weather update for Lions’Tour Video

Portugal – A tour from the FT

Portugal has a really good website that can help you plan your road trip. 

Campervan hire in Portugal

Meanwhile in Canada

On a scale for 1-10 how beautiful this is to baby cubs BEAR playing <3Credit: @Jeff Molyneaux

Posted by Like if you love Animals on Friday, 9 June 2017

Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. This clip came from one of our suppliers Fraserway Rentals 

They have a full range of campers from truck campers right the way through to the C class RV.  You can book any of these with great discounts on our website.  That’s the plug for us!


We are updating our website 

We are putting the finishing touches to the page and we hope to have it up and running shortly.  We have all new images of campervans, motorhomes, truck campers, hi-top and low-top campers as well as sleeper cars.  There is everything listed from cheap as chips to luxury with all the bells and whistles.  Watch this space .


We need your feedback. Just let us know if there is any country where you are planning a road trip and would like some more info on.  Maybe just a link to the tourist boards.


USA Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Apollo Motorhome Holidays


Apollo USA Introduce the new Tourer 2 berth with bathroom.
Apollo USA Introduce the new Tourer 2 berth with bathroom.

Apollo is excited to announce the launch of its newest USA product offering; the US Tourer and Saturn RV.
Built on a the rugged ProMaster 3500 chassis, the 2berth* US Tourer and Saturn RV is a step up from its predecessor the Apollo Euro Tourer, with large windows, a manual 12-inch awning, large queen bed and sleek exterior finish. This BVAN configuration offers simplistic style with everything you need for your next self-drive holiday.
Standard Features include*:

  • 9,000 BTU roof mount Air Conditioner
  • Bathroom with Shower
  • Large Queen bed
  • 5.0 cu. Ft refrigerator
  • 20’ 9-inch exterior length
  • Easy Day to Night configuration
  • 12-inch exterior Awning
  • Pull out pantry and pot drawer
  • Microwave
  • 2 burner propane stove
  • Automatic propane Heating System

*Specifications subject to change. Final specifications will be available by 31st Jan 2017.

These vehicles will be bookable from 16th January 2017 for travel from the 01 May 2017. These vehicles will only be available to/from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only- fully imagery, specs available soon.

RV Rental in the USA?

It’s nearly 2017 and its looking good for RV rental in the USA.  Our two most popular brands, one from Europe and the other from New Zealand are making more inroads (haha, no pun intended) to the USA RV rental market.

The amazing THL, we know them as Maui, Britz, Kea, Mighty are already partnered with Road Bear in America but this week have announced they will be offering more vehicles via a merger with El Monte RV, who we have offered hires with for many years. They are long established and have high quality vehicles.

Road Bear RV Special Discounts
Rent Road Bear USA for your RV Holiday

Meanwhile, our partners McRent from Germany have also announced a partnership with BestTime RV, also from the States.  This company has also a good reputation for high quality vehicles.

Discounts on RV Rental USA
Discounts on RV Rental USA

It may give Cruise America and Apollo USA something to think about, but they are well established and have a great market share.  What is clear is that renters will have more choice and travelling across America in an RV is just a fantastic experience.

You can book all of these vehicles and see the latest discounts here: RV Rental in USA discounts and special offers