Zambia Motorhome and 4×4 Campervan hire

Zambia 4×4 Camper and Campervan hire Zambia 4×4 campervan hire. You can hire from Victoria Falls and Harare.We can also arrange one- way hires. The campsites in Zimbabwe are of a very high standard. You 4×4 camper is fully equipped with everything you need for an adventure in the Safari Parks. If you are not sure of how to book, or if you have questions about the 4×4 campers, please contact one of our very experienced staff. We are here to help. It may be that you haven’t driven a 4×4 before, or you may not have visited Zimbabwe before. We can help you make it happen. Don’t forget that we have done this before and hundreds of our customers have too! If there is anything that concerns you about driving in the Game Parks, finding a campsite or finding your way. We have found good campsites on this link Campsites … Continue reading