Campervan and Motorhome Holidays with Babies and Children.

Going on holiday in a campervan or Motorhome with children is a memorable experience.



Ask anyone who had a family holiday in a camper when they were growing up.  It has all the best bits of camping, a road trip holiday, and the freedom to eat where and when you choose to.

All the games, toys, sports equipment are all on board. Fancy a snooze or put a youngster to bed for a few hours, then you have everything right with you.



Do you need to change a baby?  There is running water, showers, an onboard loo. All the comforts of home with you on holiday.

Travelling with babies and needing to take nappies, towels, wet wipes, change of clothing, bibs, food, bottle, toys, cot and everything need for a young child can be a bit daunting.

Pack the car and drive to the depot, unload everything you need and drive off into a relaxing road trip.  Head to the beach and you have shade and a place to sleep.  Also, you can warm up food and bath a baby easily.


Young children and toddlers enjoy the experience of playing in their home from home.  You can pre-order baby car seats and toddler seats and also booster seats for your children when booking a camper van or Motorhome rental for your holiday.

You can pre-book these too when travelling to other countries.  You may have to add details like the child’s weight or age.

Travelling with a booster seat or car seat can make the journey more enjoyable too as children can see out the windows easily.

Most campervans are fitted with three point seat belts in the rear of the vehicle so that they can take a car seat or booster seat.



Try it out and see how you get on. You can hire for a week.  If you want to fly to your destination, then often you can collect a campervan from the airport or close be.

Check out for some great rates. Book early to save money and make sure that you state ages of all the children you are travelling with.


Going to Banff? Then call in on Canmore.

Going to Banff? Then call in on Canmore.

Canmore, Canada

Canmore, not so far from Banff, Canada


Truck Camper Rental Canada.


Must Sees

Looking for the “real” Canada?  If you are travelling to Banff then calling in on Canmore will not disappoint.

Canmore is a truly authentic Canadian mountain town with a diverse population including Olympic athletes, Everest summiteers, authors and artists. Head downtown for a relaxed vibe and buzzing program of festivals and events – and browse Main Street for incredible art galleries, unique shopping experiences and a world-renowned restaurant scene.


Canmore Nordic Centre
The host site for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games Nordic events, this sports centre and surrounding park offers cross country skiing, biking and hiking, disk golf and orienteering. The centre is a 90-minute drive from Calgary’s airport and just five minutes from Canmore.

The Three Sisters
These three iconic peaks can be seen from almost any location in Canmore and are among the most photographed views in the Rockies. They often feature in local art and are named Faith, Charity and Hope.

Hidden Treasures:

Rocky Mountain Legacy Trail
This scenic 22-km paved trail connects Canmore and Banff and is popular with cyclists and hikers with incredible viewpoints along the way. The trail follows the Trans Canada Highway and works for a round-trip or in combination with the bike-friendly ROAM public transit system.

Rat’s Nest Cave
Guided natural history tours of this cave in Grotto Mountain run from four to six hours. A natural wild cave with no artificial lighting or handrails, the cave is always 5°C. No experience needed to join the tour.

Kananaskis Wildlife Drive
One of the most spectacular drives in Alberta takes you through the heart of Kananaskis country on a three-hour loop from Canmore. The 153-km (96-mile) drive goes through picturesque provincial parks with stops for interpretive walks and picnics, hikers’ tea and moose spotting.

Authentic Canmore

Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk
This short hiking trail and wooden boardwalk follows Policeman’s Creek and is accessible from downtown Canmore. At the end of the trail, hikers can cross the bridge into the Spring Creek community.

Get Active

Kananaskis Country Park
Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes and Barrier Lake are among a series of beautiful man-made and natural lakes in the region used to power a hydroelectric dam. There are parks surrounding them with biking and hiking trails, boating opportunities and in summer, canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are available to rent.

Rock climbing
The region’s Bow Valley has plenty of choice for climbers. Its intricate geology and stunning views make it a world-class area for those looking to scale incredible rock-faces.

Did you know?

Hot dates
Lively and popular annual events here include the Canmore Folk Music Festival, Highland Games, Festival of Eagles and the yearly Festival of Art and Creativity.

New in Canmore

Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
The town has a new 20,000 sq. ft. brewery, where knowledgeable staff takes visitors on a tour through the brewing process from start to finish, sampling the brews along the way.

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from?

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from?

Depot locations for campervan and motorhome rental

Where shall I collect my Motorhome from?

This is one of the most frequent replies I make to emails that clients send to me.

These emails include the dates and number of people travelling but I need more than that.

I do need to know the age of the driver.  In some cases, although not all, the driver needs to be over 25.  This is not the case in all countries though.

In many you can hire at 21.  You must hold a credit card in your name in all cases.

Motorhome rental.

Hire a campervan or motorhome.

One Way Rentals in a Campervan

One way hires are more expensive and in Europe there is an extra charge applied on the basis of Euro1.00 for every 1km between the pick up and drop off depots.

This is because the hire supplier will have to send someone to pick it up and return it to its original destination.

One way hires in Canada, USA and Australia and New Zealand are usually a fixed charge and this is often waived if the hire is for longer than 21 days.

One way hires often take longer to approve as the release of a vehicle is at the discretion of the fleet manager and they work out where the vehicle has to be for the next customer to rent it out.  Also, where that vehicle is before your hire.

Family holidays in a campervan.

Family holidays in a campervan.

There are hundreds of points of collection on our website and these are displayed below. This is correct at time of publishing.  We do change these from time to time.

The full address of each depot is listed on our website. If you click on the “make a booking” button you will see the address on the same page where the summary of all the charges are made.  (You don’t have to input your payment details to see the summary.)

All the depot locations are listed on this link:

Campervan and Motorhome Rental locations by Country

If you click on any of the names of the country you can select a drop down menu to see the depot locations for them individually.

This is the full list of where you can collect and return your rented campervan or motorhome:


Australia Campervan Hire ausimage


Belgium campervan and motorhome hire.



Botswana campervan and 4×4 rental.


Canada RV rental and campervan hire



Croatia motorhome rental


Finland campervan rental motorhome rental


France Campervan Hire motorhome hire



Campervan hire in Germany campervan hire



Hungary motorhome rental


Iceland campervan and motorhome hire


Ireland campervan and motorhome rental.



Italy campervan and motorhome hire



Mozambique 4 x 4 camper rental and motorhome hire


Namibia 4 x 4 rental and motorhome hire.


Netherlands campervan and motorhome rental.torhome rental.


New Zealand:

New Zealand campervan and motorhome hire.



Norway campervan and motorhome rental.


Portugal campervan and motorhome rental.


South Africa:

South Africa 4×4, campervan and motorhome rental.



Spain campervan and motorhome rental.



Sweden campervan and motorhome rental.


Switzerland campervan and motorhome rental.


Tanzania campervan and motorhome rental.

United Kingdom (UK):

United Kingdom campervan and motorhome rental.



USA Campervan, Motorhome and RV rental.



Zambia 4×4 campervan and motorhome rental.


Zimbabwe 4 x 4, campervan and motorhome rental.

Useful links for campervan rental FAQ’s for Campervan and Motorhome Rental

Find Out the costs of renting a campervan or motorhome

Reviews of Campervan Hire, Motorhome and RV Rental.

How Do We Recommend Which Campervan, Motorhome or RV to Rent?

We are often asked to recommend a type of campervan or motorhome for holidays or road trips or just as a spare room.  We have to ask quite a lot of questions before we can suggest which one will fit the requirements of our customers.  Our suggestions can be taken into account,  but ultimately it is up to the customer to make the final decision.  To help you make that decision I have outlined below what we like to know before we can make a recommendation.

Campervan hire. Follow your dreams.

Campervan hire. Follow your dreams.

Also, there are many review sites that you can refer to but often these highlight the bad experiences that people have that can sometimes happen.  All of the campervan and motorhome suppliers that we book on our websites and www. have been in business for many, many years and so are reliable and they have our confidence too as we have been booking campervan and motorhome rental for nearly 20 years.

4 berth camper hire

Explore the world

Our customers will often search online for reviews.  However, it is difficult to know who are the main suppliers of rentals in each country and who is new and who is long established.

6_berth rv rental

6 berth campervan rental in America.

Our website now has a star rating system that you can refer to.  We only put stars on the vehicles once they have received over 10 ratings.

Spaceships rating


You can select from the left hand menu by rating which standards you would like to see displayed.

Filters and How To Use Them.

We also offer a filter that will display the age of the vehicles.  This is important in many ways but often the age of the vehicle will determine its daily rental rate. However, if you book early you are likely to get a really new campervan at the same price as a very old one.  This is how some suppliers work. It is a similar system to pricing as the airlines use. Book early,  fill the seats, put the price up nearer to the date of departure.

Bike rental with motorhome rental.

Take your bikes on your campervan hire holiday.

If you are on a budget then definitely book early to take advantage of this pricing structure.  You will find this particularly in RV rental in America and Canada and also in New Zealand and Australia.

The European and UK rental companies will usually offer discounts for early bookings but not on the flex rates that change every week.

2 berth hi-top rental

Rent a campervan for your honeymoon.

If you are on a budget and are considering an older vehicle then be prepared to be offered a vehicle that has done high mileage (particularly in Australia, Canada and the USA).  The vehicle will be tired around the edges and worn.  But they do offer good value for money as they should be well maintained and clean.

5 berth hi-top rental

You can all sleep in comfort in your camper home for you holidays.

Older vehicles.

They are also more prone to breakdown but this is avoided as it is costly for the rental supplier as they have to take time to repair the vehicle and in some cases deliver a replacement.  Hire suppliers don’t want your vehicle to break down as it costs them money.

The reviews seen on line usually highlight breakdowns or malfunctions in the campers and motorhomes.  This is unfortunate but things do stop working on occasions or pipes do get blocked.  If there is a problem and it has been unreported by a previous hirer then the next customer suffers because of it.

Luxury motorhome rental.

Luxury motorhome rental.

Sometimes people who rent vehicles are reluctant to make the hire supplier aware of a problem for fear of being charged for repairs or breakages and this has the knock on effect for the next client.

Happy Campers.

It is in our interest and in the best interests of our rental suppliers that our customers and clients are happy as return customers are the backbone of any business and we find that our customers will recommend us again and again for offering the correct vehicle at the right price.

Upstairs bed.

Climb up to your bed.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Campervan or Motorhome?

The right price for one customer is not the same as the right price for another.  We have people who want the very best vehicles we can offer.  These are large, sleep at least six people, have slide out sides to offer more space.  They are not cheap. These customers want the very newest and the top of the range motorhomes as they want to travel long distances for many months.

Sleeper car rental.

sleeper car rental.

Cheap Campervan Hire.

Our backpacker customers want the best and cheapest rate possible. They don’t want in built toilet and showers and luxury kitchens.  They just want a vehicle to sleep in and make a cup of tea or heat up noodles.   These vehicles are basic, older and cheap.  They are more like sleeper cars than campervans.  But they are on our lists.  The reviews against these vehicles are often because they are old and worn.

The low-top or hi-top have kitchens and a double bed.  The space is limited but if you are staying in campsites each night you don’t need showers and a toilet on board.  You may want to cook a more sophisticated meal and need a fully stocked kitchen and you want to sleep under a duvet (or doonah) with pillows and not a sleeping  bag.

These campers are mid-priced and do vary in age but are a great budget vehicle.

Always consider the sleeping arrangements.  If you are tall check out the bed sizes:

Check the bed size of your campervan.

Check the bed size of your campervan.

Some suppliers will also vary the thickness of the mattress too.

If this is important to your holiday, then please double check that the bed sizes suit. Also, consider the single and double bed configuration. Some people prefer to have separate beds, but some campervans have single beds only suitable for children. Others have double beds above the cab and this is great if you are ok climbing the ladder at night.

Larger vehicles have bigger double beds.

Are you happy making the bed up each night?  Some vehicles require that you move the cushions around and bring out a base support to create a double bed at night. So check out the “day and night time layout” as this means you have to convert the layout at night.

Day layout of a campervan

Night time layout of your campervan.

The amount of time you spend in the camper will help you make the decision on what size of camper.  You can have a layout that has a permanent table or a permanent bed or both.  You can have a larger kitchen with a three way fridge and small freezer depending on whether you want to cook a full dinner or if you prefer to eat out or bbq or just heat up food.

Some campervans and motorhomes have microwaves fitted but these will only work if you are hooked up to the mains electricity supply.  Check the length of the hook up wire, some can be quite short.

Rent a 4 wheel drive camper.

Rent a 4×4 camper.

Your Home on Wheels.

All of the above affects the way you feel about your campervan. It is your home for the duration of your rental. Hundreds of thousands of people every year rent a motorhome. Each have different criteria that make it the perfect one for them.  Consider how you want to live when you rent and how much you want to pay. This may determine how long you can hire a vehicle for.  If you are living out of a hi-top for three months – and people do – does it have enough space for you to stand up in or lay around and read?

relax in a camper.

Relax. You are on holiday.

Let us know if there is anything else you would consider when renting a campervan.  Ask us…its our job to help.

Happy holidays! 🙂

Current special offers.

List of countries we arrange campervan and motorhome rental:


New Zealand


South Africa

United Kingdom
United States

Top 10 Motorhome Holiday Destinations

Ireland – Galway – The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way – one of the most spectacular driving routes in the world, oh, and Ireland.

It is  1600 miles (2600 km)  long and will take you from  Inishowen Peninsula in Co. Donegal and ends in KinsaleCounty Cork.

You should allow at least three weeks to drive it and probably around a month to see it at a leisurely pace.

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way by Campervan

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way by Campervan

The Route is split up into six regions around Ireland:

  • The Northern Headlands
  • The Surf Coast
  • The Bay Coast
  • The Cliff Coast
  • Southern Peninsulas
  • The Haven Coast



As if you needed a good reason to explore Ireland…but as you may need some more areas to explore, try Galway. Here are the top nine attractions:


Ireland Driving Routes

Australia campervan and motorhome hire FAQ’s

Australia campervan and motorhome hire FAQ’s

Have I missed anything?

Faq’s Australia for camper van and motor home hire for Campervan Hire in Australia

Insurance options:

All campervan and motorhome rentals are covered by insurance. The level of liability varies depending on the age and size of the vehicle.

The insurance excess (liability) can be as high as AU$7500.00. If you don’t have your own insurance to cover this excess then
you will have to leave security to cover this. The hire company will take security by a credit card payment. You must have
a credit card with a high enough credit to cover this.

There are options to reduce the level of liability.

You can reduce the amount of liability by buying another insurance cover and the cost of this is calculated by each day hired. There
is usually a maximum amount that you have to pay eg 50 days cover will usually cover you for the duration of your hire if you hire
for longer than this.

You can reduce your liability to nil by buying additional insurance cover. This can often be included in the “all-inclusive” rates.

You will still have to pay a bond. This can range from $150.00 to $250.00. This is refundable when the vehicle is returned in a good
and clean condition to the correct location.

Each company has different terms and conditions relating to insurance cover. Contact us for full details and if you have
any questions at all.

We also have the Drive-Easy insurance cover available to select when you make your booking request. This will cover your insurance
liability too.


Australia Freedom of the Road in a Mighty Camper Double Down.

Can I rent from one city to another in Australia?

Yes, you can generally hire from one city to another, no matter where in Australia.
There are sometimes additional costs.
1. A one-way fee or “drop fee”. This can sometimes be waived if you hire for longer than 14 days.
2. Darwin and Broome surcharges. These are in addition to one-way fees due to their remote location.

The Best Time To Tour and Travel around Australia.

Shoulder season in Australia is October–November and March-April

Peak season in Australia is December to February

Peak season in Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs, Broome and Perth – June and July

Avoid the wet season in the northern half of Australia between November and March

In Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth,  the average temperatures are: Summer minimum 16C and Summer maximum 26C and Winter minimum 6C and Winter maximum 14C.

In the sub-tropic and tropical cities the average minimum temperatures are: Brisbane 16C and Darwin 23C with the average maximums: Brisbane 25C and Darwin 32C, Alice Springs, minimum 20 and average maximum 32.

Rent an Awning to Enjoy the Outdoors

Rent an Awning to Enjoy the Outdoors

Where can we camp at night?

Campsites and Caravan Parks

We strongly recommend you stay in a campsite (caravan (RV) park). Australia has an extensive network of caravan parks in all major
tourist centres and most towns.

You can also stay in National Parks. The facilities are not as good but they are all in spectacular locations.

Powered sites enable you to connect your vehicle to electricity. The approximate cost is AU$25-30 per night.
Some companies provide discounts on campsites in Australia.

National Parks

Most national parks have areas set aside for camping. There are often showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas. National parks
are also beautiful and peaceful locations to stay overnight. However, national parks do not usually offer powered sites.
Useful link:

Roadside Camping

Council laws prohibit camping on the side of the road near towns and cities. However, outside towns and in country areas it is
generally permitted. Check with the locals is you are unsure.

Tour the Real Australia by Motorhome

Australia Out Back by Campervan.

Are there heaters?

Yes, most vehicles have onboard heating.

How do I cook?

All campervans have some form of cooking. These are gas powered bench top cookers. There are not usually ovens. However, many are
equipped with microwaves that will operate when you are “plugged in” to a mains electricity supply.


Even the small low-tops or sleeper cars have cool boxes. Larger vehicles have fully functioning fridges that are powered by battery
or gas or the mains. (Three way fridges)

Low-tops and Hi-top campervans.

You can sleep and eat in these. Some have solar showers that you can hang off the back and others offer portaloos. But you are not
able to free-camp in these.

2,3,4,5,6 and 7 berth campervans and motorhomes have built in toilets and showers.

The cassette toilets are clean and easy to use. Empty them regularly by disposing of the contents at “dump stations” on campsites or
in public toilets. Hose out each time and replace the blue liquid to keep the odours to a minimum.
Keep the water tank topped up.

Australia Uluru by camper.

Australia Uluru by camper.

Water tanks:

There are two tanks.
Clean water tank. Fill this with the water from taps. Boil it for drinking. This provides water for the shower and for the sink for
washing up.
Waste water from the shower and the sink is collected in a grey water tank. You must empty this at a dump station on a campsite or
at a public dump station.

Some vehicles have on board displays to show how much water is in the tanks.

Note: If you are in an area where the temperature drops below zero, the water tanks will automatically empty to prevent pipes


Vehicles are not usually winterised in Australia.
Winterising is the process of draining all water from the tanks and pipes when vehicles are taken to areas where the temperature
drops below zero to prevent damage to pipes and tanks. This means that you are not able to use the shower,toilet or sinks.



How long does the battery system last?

The battery system will provide power for between 12 – 20 hours when fully charged depending on use. There are two sets of batteries
in a campervan or motorhome. One is standard that runs the engine and the other set provides you with electricity (power) for all
the lights, pumps, shower, fridge etc
These batteries re-charge when you are driving the campervan. They will also re-charge when you are plugged in on a powered
campsite. Idling the engine won’t provide enough power to recharge the house battery.

When you are connected, all equipment automatically runs on mains power rather than the battery. Appliances such as the television,
microwave, rear air-conditioning and power points only run on mains power.

For the 12 Volt system to work, the 12 Volt main switch must be in the ‘on’ position. All vehicles can be connected to 240 Volt mains
power via the supplied 15 Amp extension lead with large earth pin. All approved caravan park circuits are rated at 15 amps in

How does the shower work in a campervan or motorhome?

Each shower pump uses the battery system on board the campervan. The water is heated via the gas supply from a bottle stored in an
outside compartment of the campervan. You will be shown this when you collect your campervan.
Please ensure that your water tanks and gas bottles are kept full. There is fresh water on all campsites and parks. Gas bottles can
be re-fuelled at most garages, petrol stations.



What is supplied with the vehicle when I rent a campervan or motorhome in Australia?

This varies from company to company. The more expensive the campervan the more that is included. You will usually have bedding and
living equipment such as bedding, cooking equipment, eating utensils, bath and tea towels included. If there are any extra charges
for these, you will see them listed when you make your booking request.

Child restraints/seats.

You will need to ensure that you have child seats booked before hiring. Some companies do not supply these. Please check.


When you are driving a low-top or hi-top campervan it is just like driving a large car. Don’t take the corners quickly and don’t try
to drive as fast as a car. You are carrying your sleeping and cooking equipment.

The campervans that have onboard showers and toilets are easy to drive. They have big mirrors for good visibility. Get someone to
watch you reverse. The vehicles are longer than cars and you can’t always see bollards etc.

Motorhomes with “lutons” the bed that is above the cab, are also easy to drive. These vehicles are easy to manoeuvre but you will
find that they are slower than cars and you need to take corners slower than you would in a car. Watch out when driving close to
hedges that you don’t bump the overhang above the cab. Also, get someone to watch when you are reversing.

These vehicles all have power assisted steering. The seating position is higher than in a car but you do have great visibility.

Normal rules apply when driving and watch your speed limit.

Useful link: Driving rules in Australia can be found here:




Some companies provide complimentary supplies such as dishwashing liquid, dishcloth, coffee, tea and sugar. However, we recommend
stocking up soon after you collect your campervan. Ask at the desk where your nearest supermarket/shop is. Don’t forget the
essentials such as cooking oil, salt, pepper, butter, milk, bread.

Can I access the internet whilst travelling?

Check with your phone provider. Turn off roaming so that you don’t incur charges. It may be cheaper to hire a phone or buy a local
sim card for your own phone while you are travelling. There is an abundance of internet hot spots and most campsites offer this

What storage is there?

We strongly recommend you use soft bags instead of suitcases for your luggage. Soft bags take up less room and fit more easily into
the storage cupboards and lockers in the vehicle.
Some larger vehicles have “garages” big enough for bikes, surf gear etc.

Do I need a special driver’s licence?

A valid, current car driver’s licence must be produced for everyone intending to drive a rental vehicle. State, overseas or
international licences are acceptable. However, the licence must be in English characters for our staff to read.

Is there a spare tyre and will I be able to change it if I need to?

All vehicles come with a spare tyre and equipment needed in the event of a tyre change. You should make sure you have a roadside
assistance number when you collect your campervan in the rare event you need help.

Road Trip Australia in a budget camper.

This could be the view on your road trip around Australia this year.

What is the Cost of Fuel?

Petrol (Gasoline) in Australia comes in unleaded and leaded grades, and is sold by the litre. Petrol and diesel fuel costs between
$1.30 AUD and $1.60 AUD per litre and can be higher, particularly in country and remote outback areas.
Useful link:

Where can I drive my campervan or motorhome in Australia?

Two Wheel Drive Vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads. The only exception to this is the last remaining kilometres of
loose road surface on recognised campground access. Please check when you collect your campervan that there are no roads you are not
permitted to drive on.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles can also be driven on recognized unsealed tracks, but some remote areas are restricted as specified in our
Terms and Conditions. Some companies occasionally have to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather

Is there an iPod, mP3, cd player in the motorhomes and campervans?

Most campervans and motorhomes can play MP3 and CDs. Newer vehicles have usb connections.

Digital travel.

Most cameras are now digital. You can store your photos on the cloud when travelling or buy extra sd cards.
Travelling with a small lap top or notebook can enhance your journey by searching information on your destination.

Terms and conditions for renting a campervan or motorhome in Australia.

These are full and comprehensive. They are listed on the booking page when you make your booking and there is a link at the bottom
of the page where you put in your payment. Please ask if you need anything explained further.

Are there cancellation fees?

Some fees may apply if you cancel your rental booking.

What are toll roads, and do I have to pay to use them?

Toll roads are roads which charge a fee in exchange for access through to your destination. You will likely pass through toll roads
if you are driving your campervan through metropolitan Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. Watch out for the toll on the Sydney
Harbour Bridge and also around Melbourne.

Useful link: Toll_roads_in_Australia
You are responsible for paying toll fees, so it is important to be aware of these roads before you travel.

Will someone show me how to use everything in the campervan?

Yes. You will have a dedicated staff member take you on a personal tour of the vehicle when you arrive at the branch. They will
ensure that you are familiar with all of the features before you leave. For some basic information about operating the vehicle, please read the rental guide.

Is there internet at the collection branches?

Most campervan and motorhome hire suppliers provides free internet at most of the branches.



Are there bike racks?

It is unlikely in Australia that bike racks are provided. They get damaged by the bull dust and storing them inside the vehicle also causes damage. Many campsites hire them out. If you take your own bikes then store them in bike bags or in the garage area of the

Mileage options:

Vehicles are hired with unlimited mileage included in the hire.

Extra driver fee:

Check to make sure that if there is more than one driver that you have additional insurance to cover additional drivers.

Driver age:

Most companies will not hire to drivers under 21 but there are some exceptions. There is not usually an upper age limit as long as the driver has a valid driving licence.

Local taxes:

Taxes are included in all quotes for campervan and motorhome rental in Australia.

Bedding and kitchen equipment are listed as extra charges where they are not included in the daily rate. Most companies include them in the costs of the rental.


This is sometimes offered as an additional hire option. You can take your own GPS device and download the appropriate regional maps.

Outback Fee:

This is an extra charge on the daily rate if you are travelling to remote areas of Australia. Not all companies charge this.

Outdoor Tables and Chairs:

These can be hired but it is often cheaper to buy them at a local store.

Tyre Waiver:

You need to check that your insurance covers tyre replacement. You can pay additional insurance to cover windscreen and tyre
coverage. This is because many of the roads that you can travel on in Australia are not “sealed” or tarmac.


Most campervans and motorhomes have air-conditioning in the driver’s cab that operates when driving. Additional air-conditioning in the rear of the vehicle is offered in some cases at an additional charge. This will not operate until you are on a mains electrical supply. So, an electrical hook up in a campsite or connected to the mains supply at a house or hotel.

Check out the rates on this perfect camper for 4 people in Australia. Find cheap rentals on

How do I save money on my hire?

Take your own bedding! (there are sometimes extra charges for this)
Book early. Some companies put the prices up the nearer you get to pick up date. Book early and those prices are fixed.
Book for longer. Check out the over 21 day rate and the over 35 day rate. It is always worth having a look before you book as you
may be able to go for longer for the same amount of money.

Older vehicles are cheaper than newer ones.
Larger vehicles are more expensive than smaller ones.

Avoid one-way hires that are less than 14 days in length.

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Travel out of high season.

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Safety tips for a motorhome holiday in New Zealand

Safety tips for a motorhome holiday

By Courtney Whitaker

Courtney Whitaker’s tips on how to have a safe and comfortable motorhome holiday. From the New Zealand Herald.
Motorhomes give you the ultimate freedom - but you still need to know the ground rules.
Motorhomes give you the ultimate freedom – but you still need to know the ground rules.

1 Road rules: Most road rules in New Zealand for motorhomes are similar to those for cars. But though the rural speed limit is 100km per hour, if you are travelling in a motorhome with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GMV) of more than 3500kg, this speed limit is reduced to 90km per hour. Don’t fret if your motorhome won’t fit on the bathroom scales though, your rental company will be able to confirm whether your vehicle fits this criteria or not.

2 Insurance: Make sure you have insurance to cover your trip. Most motorhome rental outlets will offer some form of accident liability cover when you hire the vehicle, though it pays to shop around. Some will offer roadside assistance.

3 Dump stations: Only dispose of your waste water in designated dump stations. These are usually located at camping grounds, holiday parks, or on the outskirts of a town or city. You can find maps of the dump stations located around the country on websites such as AA Traveller: If, like me, you’re not well-versed in the intricacies of motorhome waste management, check out camper for a handy “how-to” video.

5 Safety: To make sure you and your passengers are as safe as possible in your portable hotel, check it complies with road rules. Seatbelts must be fitted in motorhomes manufactured on or after October 1, 2003. If your camper is a “vintage” model, pad sharp edges and objects that could fall or move. The number of safety belts in newer campervans must also match the number of lists the requirements your motorhome must meet.

6 Motorhome sites: If you’ve done your dash with freedom camping and are looking for something a little more upmarket, try can specify the area you want to stay in and amenities you require.

7 Rest: There are rest stops dotted along most open roads in New Zealand, and it’s important to use them if even slightly fatigued. If you’re niftier with technology, use a time and distance calculator to estimate how long your trip will take before you leave. Driving in NZ can take longer than expected because of winding roads or weather conditions. has a useful map for planning siestas ahead of time.

NZ Herald

Driving Routes in Belgium for campervans and motorhomes.

Driving Routes in Belgium for campervans and motorhomes.

Exploring the internet and checking out tourist board guides, I have found the following driving route suggestions in Belgium.  They are not comprehensive and I would welcome additional suggestions.

This first suggestion is from the Rough Guide website.Rough Guide to Belgium

“Belgium’s southern reaches are a striking contrast to the crowded, industrial north, for it’s here in the south that the cities give way to the rugged wilderness landscapes of the Ardennes. Beginning in France, the Ardennes stretches east across Luxembourg and Belgium before continuing on into Germany, covering three Belgian provinces en route – Namur in the west, Luxembourg in the south and Liège in the east.

The highest part, lying in the German-speaking east of the country, is the Hautes Fagnes (the High Fens), an expanse of windswept heathland that extends from Eupen to Malmédy. But this is not the Ardennes’ most attractive or popular corner, which lies further west, its limits roughly marked by Dinant, La Roche-en-Ardenne and Bouillon.

This region is given character and variety by its river valleys: deep, wooded canyons, at times sublimely and inspiringly beautiful, reaching up to high green peaks. The Ardennes’ cave systems are also a major pull, especially those in the Meuse, Ourthe and Lesse valleys, carved out over the centuries by underground rivers that have cut through and dissolved the limestone hills, leaving stalagmites and stalactites in their wake.


The obvious gateway to the most scenic portion of the Ardennes is Namur, strategically sited at the junction of the Sambre and Meuse rivers, and well worth a visit in its own right. The town’s pride and joy is its massive, mostly nineteenth-century citadel – once one of the mightiest fortresses in Europe – but it also musters a handful of decent museums, some good restaurants and (for the Ardennes) a lively bar scene.

From Namur you can follow the Meuse by train down to Dinant, a pleasant – and very popular – journey, before going on to explore the Meuse Valley south of Dinant by boat or taking a canoe up the narrower and wilder River Lesse. From Dinant, routes lead east into the heart of the Ardennes – to workaday Han-sur-Lesse, surrounded by undulating hills riddled with caves, to prettier Rochefort, and to St-Hubert, with its splendid Italianate basilica.

The most charming of the towns hereabouts, however, are La Roche-en-Ardenne to the northeast, a rustic, hardy kind of place, pushed in tight against the River Ourthe beneath wooded hills and renowned for its smoked ham and game; and Bouillon, a picturesque little place whose narrow streets trail alongside the River Semois beneath an ancient castle.

Bouillon is situated close to the French frontier, on the southern periphery of the Belgian Ardennes and within easy striking distance of some of the region’s most dramatic scenery, along the valley of the Semois.


If you’re visiting the eastern Ardennes, the handiest starting point is big and gritty Liège, an industrial sprawl from where it’s a short hop south to the historic resort of Spa and the picturesque town of Stavelot, with its marvellous carnival.

You can use Spa or Stavelot as bases for hiking or canoeing into the surrounding countryside and to venture into the Hautes Fagnes, though the attractive little town of Malmédy is slightly nearer.”

Read more:


Eastern Belgium is also covered in this guide:

Tourist information for Eastern Belgium:

Belgium, easily accessible from the UK and perfect for a short break, is a land of contrasts. The bustling cosmopolitan city of Brussells, the great port of Antwerp, the medieval gem that is Bruges, are perhaps best known, but Mons, Tournai, Ghent, Liege and Ieper all have something to offer.

The flat lands of the north give way to rolling hills and woods which in turn rise to the lovely and unspoilt Ardennes region, perfect for walking cycling and canoeing amongst deep valleys and wooded hilltops.

In the far south east is the lovely Duchy of Luxembourg, where the hills of the Ardennes extend to the outskirts of the city, which is well worth visiting in itself.

Map of Eastern Belgium

Towns and places of interest in Belgium and Luxembourg:
Click the place names to book hotels at great prices.

The Ardennes
The Ardennes comprise almost half of Belgium. Beautiful wooded hillsides plunge into deep ravines riddled with caves. Small towns and villages shelter under steep hillsides.

Rivers wind their way through undulating countryside. Wonderful walks are everywhere, never difficult but always rewarding. Canoeing, boating and mountain-biking are popular, and cross-country skiing in winter.

Namur is the gateway to the very lovely western Ardennes. The town is dominated by a magnificent citadel – reached by cable car – posesses some good museums, and the narrow streets close to the river house some excellent restaurants and lively bars.

Near the town is the Abbaye de Floreffe. Travel by boat from Namur to Dinant, surrounded by steep cliffs and with a citadel of its own. Enjoy the wild scenery of the nearby river Lesse by canoe, or visitRochefort, situated amongst perhaps the most beautiful scenery in the Ardennes with ample opportunity for walking, canoeing and mountain-biking.

The Ardennes
La Roche-en-Ardennes is a beautiful and romantic town, topped by a ruined castle and surrounded by hills. Good restaurants and bars make this an excellent base for the wonderful countryside around, where all levels of walking, mountain-biking and canoeing take place.

Further southwest isSt Hubert, deep in the forest and an excellent centre for easy walking. Visit the nearby Euro Space Centre and the Parc a Gibier animal park. Bouillon, close to the French border, has a superb castle, an interesting museum, several decent restaurants, and is a great centre for exploring the wild and lovely Semois valley and wooded hills. The forests and hills continue all the way to the border with Luxembourg.

Liege is a large industrial city but is the gateway to the eastern Ardennes, the main town being Stavelot, with pretty streets and an abbey. Here also is Spa, supposedly the first health resort in the world. Further east is theHautes Fagnes, a wild and open heathland plateau.

Luxembourg is more than just its city. The rocky hills of the Ardennes extend into the Duchy, and there are more than 130 chateaux and castles. The scenery is lovely, ranging from the Ardennes to the gentler slopes of the river Moselle in the southeast, flanked with vineyards.

Luxembourg city enjoys a spectacular setting, straddling the green gorges of two rivers. Visit the Old Town on the upper plateau and enjoy the sturdy ruins of its fortifications. Descend by elevator or steps to the valley floor. Eat at the many good restaurants and take in the lively clubs and bars.

There are several round trips for bikers that offer good sight-seeing routes too on

Best routes for bikers

There are other websites that give good routes but they are few and far between, especially for motorhomes and campervans.

There is a new publication due out in March 16f called All the Aires Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg that lists the motorhome stopovers.

Campsite guide Campsites in Belgium

Visit Belgium has suggested itineraries.

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