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Guide to Labrador

How to Get To Labrador by Road

Road Travel
There are two options by which road travellers may reach Labrador. One of these options provide entry to coastal Labrador via ferry service from the Island of Newfoundland. The second option provides road access to Labrador West through the neighbouring Province of Quebec.

Option 1: From Newfoundland via the MV Apollo

Newfoundland and Labrador are separated by a body of water called the Strait of Belle Isle. A ferry service operates across this strait from St. Barbe, Newfoundland to Blanc Sablon, Quebec. Blanc Sablon is located just a few minutes drive from Quebec-Labrador border. This auto/passenger ferry service is operated by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Accordingly, road travellers may:

  1. Drive the paved highway in northern Newfoundland (the Viking Trail) to St. Barbe;
  2. Embark on the MV Apollo for the 90-minute crossing of the Strait of Belle Isle;
  3. Disembark at Blanc Sablon and follow Route 510 through the Labrador Coastal Drive region to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. From Happy Valley-Goose Bay follow route 500 west to Labrador City. From Labrador City a road connection is available to continental North America.

Option 2: From Quebec by Road to Labrador City

Labrador City is linked by 581 km of road (Route 138) to Baie Comeau, Quebec. Approximately one-half of this distance is paved, while the remainder is gravel. Baie Comeau is connected by paved road to major centres.

Road travellers arriving at Labrador City by road may then:

  1. Follow Route 500 east to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
  2. Follow Route 510 south through the Labrador Coastal Drive region.

Here are some website links to help in planning your road travel:


Labrador West
Experience Labrador West in the Summer
Day 1

Take a tour of the Ed Montague Exhibit Hall which has on display many artifacts representing the best of Labrador West and the entire Labrador region – its history, culture and people. As well, the hall showcases the stellar fur trading and mining history of Labrador. The Ed Montague Exhibit Hall is located in the Gateway building on Route 500. (Open all year round).

While you are there, visit the heritage gift shop for an array of local/regional crafts and artwork including Innu and Inuit Art, soap stones, tea dolls and books. From precious gems to delicious jams the heritage gift shop has what you are looking for in souvenirs and gifts. (Open all year round).

See the Iron Ore mine in full operation on a 2-hour guided tour of the Iron Ore Company of Canada. Learn about production, manufacturing, history and be awestruck at the magnitude of the machinery and the fantastic sites in one of Canada’s largest open pit iron ore mines. Tours may be booked through the Labrador West Tourism Office by calling (709) 944-7631. (Regular tours offered from June-August. Alternate times may be available by request).

*Hint: Looking for good food and great atmosphere? Check out Cornelius Restaurant located on 118 Humphrey Road in the Bruno Plaza. Chinese/Canadian Buffets available Tuesday-Sunday (starting at 5pm).

Day 2

Start your day with a leisurely stroll around the Tanya Lake Walking Trail. Along this trail you will find signage offering information on local plant and wildlife. This trail is approximately 3km long located on Baden Powel Road. For more information contact the Recreation Department at 709-944-3602.

Swing by the Labrador Mall for a little shopping. The Labrador Mall is located on 500 Vanier Rd and offers an air conditioned environment for your comfort. Labrador Mall is able to satisfy all of your shopping needs with a variety of clothing stores, a grocery store, department stores, post office, bank and much more. Also, check out the Carol Lake Shopping Center on Avalon Drive and the Gallery 201 on Humber Ave.

*Take a break! Drop by O’Flaherty’s Pub and Eatery. Great food, friendly staff, what more could you ask for?

How about a round of golf? The Tamarack golf course located off Route 500 Highway. This beautiful 18-hole golf course promises fantastic scenery and fun for all. Be sure to bring your camera, the views are incredible.

Day 3

Road Trip! Be sure to take a day out to tour the underground hydro-electric power plant in Churchill Falls. The Churchill Falls Hydro Electrical development is the largest in Canada and the ninth largest in the world. Churchill Falls is located approximately 238km (149 miles) east on Route 500. (Approximate 3-hour drive.) Tours are offered three times a day and can be booked by calling (709) 925-3335 one day in advance. Be sure to inquire about booking requirements and tour restrictions. Contact the Churchill Falls in for hotel and restaurant service: 1-800-229-3269.

Day 4

A great way to spend a morning in Labrador is by walking the Menihek Interpretive Trail. The tranquility and beauty along this scenic route is every hikers dream. Discover the Labrador wilderness first hand and learn more from the 28 interpretive signs along the trail. Enjoy a picnic by the waterfall and a break from life’s little stresses. This trail is approximately 5kms length and located on Smokey Mountain Road. Call (709) 944-5842.

A day at the beach always makes for a nice relaxing afternoon. Check out one of the four popular beach areas in Labrador West; Duley Lake (off of Route 500), Quartzite Lake (off Retty St), Tanya Lake (Baden Powell Road) or Jean Lake (off Grenfell Drive in Wabush). Jean Lake also has a beautiful walking trail that extends approximately 5km and incorporates 2 bridges, rest areas and board walks.

Looking for local crafts? Check out the Craft Guild located in the Co-op in the Labrador Mall. This quaint little shop has a wide variety of Labrador memorabilia and gift ideas sure to please.

*Hint: Need caffeine fix or food on the go? Rest easy, Tim Horton’s is located in the Labrador Mall and McDonalds is located on Avalon Drive.

Day 5

For anyone who enjoys camping, Labrador West has two campgrounds: Duley Lake Campgrounds and Grande Hermine.

Duley Lake is located approximately 13 kms from Labrador City east on Route 500. (Only minutes from the Golf Course) These campgrounds can accommodate tents and RV’s. Hot showers are available. For more information call 709-280-1129.

Grande Hermine is located on west Route 500 on route to Churchill Falls. These campgrounds also have RV and tent sites available and offer hot showers and cabin rentals as well. For more information, please contact (709) 944-1029.

Central Labrador
This region of Central Labrador is often called the heart of Labrador as it is a central hub for all transportation and service for the rest of Labrador. There are four communities, three aboriginal groups, a mix of international cultures and many unique experiences to enjoy.
Central Labrador Self Directed Tour

You can drive to Central Labrador via the Trans Labrador Highway Route 500 that starts at Labrador City (6 hours drive) and connects to Route 389 starting at Baie Comeau Quebec (about 8 hours drive). See our Transportation section for more information about getting to Labrador.

Year round activities:

  • Drive from Goose Bay on Route 520 to the Historic Community ofNorth West River. Be sure to visit Sunday Hill, the Labrador Interpretation Centre, the Labrador Heritage Museum, the Heritage Craft Shop, the beach, and Lester Burry Memorial Park.
  • Brush off your GPSr and search for some of the 170 geocaches hidden in the region.
  • Park at the end of the runway on Hamilton and enjoy the view of the Mealy Mountains, Terrington Basin and Lake Melville.
  • Visit the Goose Bay Military Museum.
  • Visit Them Days gift shop and archive and learn about the history of Labrador’s people.
  • Visit the remote and historic community of Mud Lake by snowmobile or boat.
  • Search for unique gifts and souvenirs at the many craft shops in Goose Bay.


  • Visit Birch Brook Hiking Trails on Route 520 just 20 kilometers from Goose Bay and take an interpreted nature tour of the trails. On the ride back to Goose Bay, be sure to stop and hike into Simeon Falls and on up to Peace Rock — there is a trail maker along the highway.
  • Walk the paved trail from the north end of Goose Bay (at the airport) to the south end at the river.
  • Take a boat tour to Mokami Mountain.
  • Take a boat tour to Muskrat Falls.
  • Kayak or canoe in Mud Lake or Goose River.
  • Watch late at night for the beautiful Northern Lights and shooting stars.


  • Take a dog sled ride with Northern Lights Mushing.
  • Enjoy kilometers of groomed ski trails at Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club. Rentals of skis and snowshoes available.
  • Rent a snowmobile and explore many kilometers of wilderness trails around the region.
  • Ice fish at Welbourne Bay or Muldoons.
    Labrador Coastal Drive


    Point Amour Lighthouse
    (larger version)

    Labrador Coastal Drive offers a unique northern wilderness experience, along with some of North America’s most fascinating history. Easily accessible, Labrador Coastal Drive provides a splendid summer or fall journey, full of Labrador’s natural beauty and unique experiences. Labrador Coastal Drive can easily fill a 7-10 day schedule taking you from L’Anse au Clair toCartwright.

    Day 1 – 5

    • Sail the Strait of Belle Isle on the MV Apollo toBlanc Sablon
    • Look for icebergs, whales, seabirds, and seals
    • Visit the Gateway to the Labrador Visitor’s Centre and hike the Jersey Room Trail in L’Anse au Clair
    • Explore communities, sites and attractions along the Jacques Cartier Trail
    • Visit Isle de Perroquets, the puffin sanctuary in St. Paul’s River
    • Take in the Labrador Straits Museum, the L’Anse Amour Burial National Historic site, and the Provincial Historic Point Amour Lighthouse.
    • Hike the Oceanview Trail in West St Modeste, Picnic at the PinwareRiver Provincial Park and journey to Red Bay to get introduced to the world’s first industrial-scale whale fishery. See the 430 year old whaling chapula and take a short boat ride to Saddle Island for a walking tour of Red Bay’s excavation sites.
    • Drive to Mary’s Harbour and hike the trail to White Water Falls. Once you have enjoyed some of the local hospitality, take the boat to Battle Harbour National Historic District for a step back in time and a fascinating view of Labrador’s fishing history.
    • Upon return from Battle Harbour, drive to St Lewis, mainland Canada’s most easterly permanent community. While there visit the Loder’s Point Premises for a view of a restored fishing stage and merchant store.

    For additional tour details please visit the Labrador Coastal Drive Website 

    Day 6 – Day 10

    • Visit the community of Port Hope Simpson and experience its dinner theatre Pits, Props and Prosperity for a humorous look at the community’s history.
    • Continue your journey to nearby communities of Charlottetown,Pinsent’s ArmWilliam’s Harbour and Norman Bay with a half day cruise aboard the Challenge 1 passenger/freight boat. This cruise will take you through Shinney’s Water Complex and Gilbert’s Bay, home to the unique Golden Cod. Tours can be arranged of the region’s shrimp processing plant in Charlottetown.
    • Drive the remaining 187 km to Cartwright to complete the Labrador Coastal Drive. Upon arrival connect with the locals to explore the community to see Flagstaff Hill, the Wonderstrands and Muddy Bay. This community has a remarkable history and abundance of hospitality.

    For additional tour details please visit the Labrador Coastal Drive Website

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