camper van hire New Zealand
camper hire New Zealand

Camper Van hire in New Zealand

Campervan Hire in New Zealand - NZ Motorhomes
    New Zealand camper van hire.
  • Campervan and Motorhome hire in New Zealand. Find out the cost of renting a camper before you book using our booking engine or giving us a call.
  • You can hire a camper from Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Queenstown and many other towns throughout New Zealand.
  • All the costs of a campervan and motorhome rental are included here. Choose from a 2 berth camper car, 2 berth low top, a 2 berth with shower and toilet or a larger motorhome. 4-berth, 5-berth, 6-berth and 7-berth motorhomes are available for rent in NZ.
  • You can choose to add extra insurance, camping tables and chairs, or opt for an all-inclusive price that includes everything.
  • Ask us to help you plan your trip.  We have extensive knowledge of travelling around New Zealand in a camper and also will help you plan your route.
  • Email us and ask. Our UK Freephone is 0800 917 4347
  • There are lots of special offers. Book early to get extra special offers and discounts.
  • Call us anytime – we have been booking campervan hire in NZ since 1998.


Camper van hire - New Zealand

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