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Australia Campervan and Motorhome Rental - Trip Planner

First stop in planning your road trip around Australia is to visit: to help you plan your road trip around Australia.

It is fully comprehensive and covers all regions and territories.

The highlights are:


Campsites are in all the main National Parks.

There are campsites through out Australia catering for all budgets.

Useful links to find out about Australia

There are Seven States in Australia each with its own Tourist Board:

Australia RV hire

Planning Your Aussie Road Trip Around Australia?

Plan a one-way rental. You can sometimes avoid a one-way fee by renting for longer than 21 days.

You can choose from the following pick up and drop off points:

  • Adelaide,
  • Airlie Beach,
  • Alice Springs,
  • Brisbane,
  • Broome,
  • Byron Bay,
  • Cairns,Canberra,
  • Darwin,
  • Devonport,
  • Gold Coast,
  • Hobart,
  • Launceston,
  • Melbourne,
  • Newcastle,
  • Perth,
  • Sydney
  • Townsville.

Check out the distances and time it takes to drive your planned route using our distance calculator:

Distance Calculator

Approximate Driving Times between Cities in Australia:

  • Melbourne to Sydney: 1050 kms / 650 miles ~ 12.5 hours
  • Sydney to Brisbane: 920 kms / 570 miles ~ 10.5 hours
  • Brisbane to Cairns: 1700 kms / 1060 miles ~ 20.5 hours
  • Cairns to Darwin:2850 kms / 1770 miles ~ 34 hours
  • Darwin to Broome: 1870 kms / 1160 miles ~ 21 hours
  • Broome to Perth:2810 kms / 1750 miles ~ 30 hours
  • Perth to Adelaide:2695 kms / 1675 miles ~ 29 hours
  • Adelaide to Melbourne: 900 kms / 559 miles ~ 10 hours
  • Adelaide to Darwin:3030 kms / 1880 miles ~ 35 hours
  • Launceston to Hobart:280 kms / 174 miles ~ 3 hours

If you want the best vehicles, choose the latest models as they are more reliable. Most companies have a premium fleet that is under 18 months old and has low mileage.

Not all types of vehicles are available from all depots. It is important to remember that the earlier you book the more likely you will get the campervan or motorhome of your choice. Contact us if you need some help in choosing.

Australia RV hire

How To Plan a Road Trip Around Australia:

The biggest mistaketravellers make when plannin an Aussie road trip is that they try to go to far in too short a time.

Australia is massive and the road network is good but there are not many motorways. If you are travelling by campervan or motorhome you will be taking it a bit slower than if you were driving a car.

Plan for many stops.

The problem with Australia is that there is such an amazing amount to see and the temptation is always to stop, take a picture, stay a few nights longer or just camp up for the night.

Start with a rough guide using our useful links above and then allow a few more days to allow yourself the time to change your mind.

Book ahead campsites if you are staying in populated areas at a busy time. This could be a peak season or when there is a popular event on.

Australia RV hire

Circumnavigate Australia

The Top Trip has to be to drive right around Australia on State Highway 1.

This is very do-able but at nearly 15,000kms - about 9,300 miles it will take a long time as you will be driving on unsealed roads, tracks in places but mostly single carriageway roads.

Allow at least 3 months. You can do it in about a month. But you wouldn't spend any time in any one place.Also, you would want to include other areas of Australia if you want to see all the highlights. You couldn't miss out Ulhuru, Alice Springs, the Bunglebungles...Don't forget about Tasmania too.

If you are travelling in remote areas then a campervan or motorhome is ideal as you always have food, cooking facilities, the essential fridge, a wc and shower. Fully self-contained means you won't struggle to find a bed for the night.

Keep Plenty of Water on board.

Australia RV hire

Driving Regulations Differ between States:

The Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Some States have toll roads. Ask when you collect your camper about local tolls especially around Sydney and Melbourne. Watch out for the tram and tram tracks around Melbourne.

Renting a vehicle ensures that you have full break-down cover anywhere and if necessary a replacement vehicle if something should happen to it. You can also get your vehicle serviced on the way around. You will be responsible for keeping all the fluids etc topped up between depots. Phone ahead and let the rental company know you are coming and why.

Check the weather before you go. You don't want to be driving through the Northern Territories in the rainy season as roads are blocked and flooded.

The Best Time to Travel Around Australia is between April to September during the dry season.

Check the road conditions before you travel:

Don't drive at night and avoid dusk and dawn. There are lot of wandering large wild animals on the road. Kangaroos are big!

If you want to save money, then book early, book an older vehicle and pick up and drop off in the same location.


We found a useful spreadsheet to download on a website called Expedition Australia. It helps you calculate how much it will cost taking into account the length of your trip, the number of miles to the gallon your vehicle gets.

It also takes into account your ongoing expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance, health cover and other expenses you may not have considered.

There are 24 different campervan rental fleets in Australia.

We have listed only the newest and best. Check through our booking engine above, for the full range or the different choices from each depot. Not all depots feature all 24 different rental companies.

Rental Companies in Australia:

  • Apollo
  • Britz
  • Maui
  • Mighty
  • Cheapa Campa
  • Real Value
  • Spaceships
  • Awesome Canoers
  • Barefoot Camper Hire
  • Bargain Car Rentals
  • Big Sky
  • Calyspso
  • Camperman
  • Comet
  • Cruisin
  • Driveabout
  • Energi Campers
  • go Cheap
  • Hippie Campers
  • Jucy rentals
  • Kangaroo Campers
  • Let's go
  • Star RV
  • Traveller's Autobarn.

Costs vary between companies as it is a very competitive industry in Australia.

Taking extra insurance cover takes up a significant part of the hire costs.

Some companies will include this in their all-inclusive rates. We offer an additional service to cover the insurance excess with Questor Insurance which may work out cheaper. Our site offers an easy to use multiple choice. You can choose whatever extras you require and a full summary is shown before you book. You know exactly what you will pay for your hire. You will know exactly how much the security deposit will be.

If you have any questions, please ask us. We are here to help.

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