Australia Road Trip – Route Planning ideas.


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Australia Road Trip – Route Planning ideas:

Planning a campervan or motorhome road trip around Australia takes a bit of time as Australia is a vast country and unless you have unlimited time, it will take at least a year of travelling just to see the highlights.

Great Ocean Road by a rented campervan

Wind your way along the great highways of Australia in a budget camper van.

So you don’t have a year to travel around Australia in a campervan.

Our customers book campervans and motorhomes to tour Australia at their own pace and in their own time.  Generally the book a rental for about a month and start to tour Australia in smaller areas at a time.

Maui motorhome

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The Regions You can explore during one month in Australia in a rented campervan or motorhome:

Visitors to Australia tend to arrive in Sydney and explore the Blue Mountains and head up the East Coast on the Pacific Coast Highway and get as far north as Cairns.

They explore Sydney, the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Rocks and the Harbour.  After about three days they start a road trip.

We have put together a list of useful links to help you plan your Australia Road Trip Here Australia Road Trip Planner Check it Out.

Tour the Real Australia by Motorhome

Australia Out Back by Campervan.

The Pacific Coast Highway in Australia starts in Sydney and ends in Cairns.

This is a well trodden route for campervan and motorhome renters in Australia and rightly so as it offers so much to the first time visitor who wants to see the real Australia.

The Pacific Coast highway has fantastic campsites, great beaches and of course you can snorkel and dive the coral reef.

The Gibb River Road is a more challenging option for those wanting an adventure in the Outback:

We are often asked about the Gibb River Road and if campervans and motorhomes can be driven.  Here are the comments from some of our campervan hire suppliers in Australia.  I have also included some info from Wikipedia.

There is a bitumen section from Derby out to Kimberley Diamond Mine now, and most of the windy areas over the ranges are sealed, but it is still recommended that you hire a 4wd because there are river crossings without any bridges. Generally you need to hire a 4wd OR the inform the rental company of where you intend to travel so that the rental company can check the current conditions of the road before allowing the vehicle to go to the area. EG – Traveller’s Autobarn say in their T&C’s:
Outback Road Restrictions
Travellers Autobarn reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.
*Note that the same restrictions as above also apply to compact cars.

Cheapa Campa/Apollo say for their T&C’s for the Hitop: (the THL ones are very similar)

Travel Restrictions:   
Two Wheel Drive Vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads or well maintained access roads less than 12 kilometres long to
recognised campgrounds.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles can also be driven on recognized unsealed tracks but may only travel to the following remote areas with the express written permission of the supplier: Any islands (including Tasmania, excluding Fraser Island and Moreton Island), Simpson Desert, Cape york (North of Daintree River), Oodnadatta Track, Mereenie Loop, Birdsville Track, Tanami Track, Gibb River Road, Kalumburu Road, Warburton Road, Strzelecki Track, Cape Leveque, Bungle Bungles, the Plenty highway, Burke Development Road from Chillagoe to Normanton and Savannah Way from Normanton to Borroloola, Finke Road, Central Arnhem Road, Arnnhem Land in general and any other remote area.

Please call our fleet department within 24-48 hours of travel to the restricted area to request permission.

Vehicles are NOT permitted to travel on Fraser Island, Moreton Island, the Canning Stock Route, The Lost City in Litchfeld Park, Old Gunbarrel highway, the Old Telegraph Road section of the road to Cape york, Boggy hole (Finke Gorge National Park), the Old South Road from Maryvale to Finkea and the last 2 kilometres of the Lennard River Gorge Road, at any time.

Vehicles are NOT permitted to travel to Cape york between the months of December to May. At all other times permission is required.

Cheapa Campa reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, and the distance to nominated destinations in relation to the length of the rental period.

Around Australia just require that their motorhomes and campervans don’t go on unsealed roads.
Wikipedia link

The Gibb River Road is a former cattle route that stretches almost 660 kilometres (410 mi) through The Kimberleybetween the Western Australian town of Derby and the Kununurra and Wyndham junction of the Great Northern Highway. Like its namesake, which does not actually cross the road but runs nearby at16°06.108′S 126°31.075′E,[1] it is named after geologist and explorer Andrew Gibb Maitland. The Gibb River Road is one of the two major roads which dissect the Kimberley region—the other being the extreme northern section ofGreat Northern Highway which runs further to the south.

The road is often closed due to flooding during the wet season, which is typically November through March, although delayed openings have been known to happen, frustrating the tourism industry[2] as well as locals who rely on the road. Since the mid 2000s, the road has been upgraded to a formed gravel two-lane road including bitumenisedsections, but 4WD vehicles are still recommended.

The Gibb River Road has scenic views of geological formations and natural scenery, aboriginal and pastoral history, as well as rare and unique fauna and flora.[3] Attractions along the Road include Windjana Gorge National Park,Tunnel Creek National ParkAdcock GorgeManning GorgeGalvans GorgeLennard GorgeBell Gorge, and King Leopold Ranges. Accommodation is offered by several cattle stations in the area including Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge, Mount Elizabeth Station, Drysdale River Station, the El Questro Station, and Charnely River Station.

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Tour Tasmania – you’ll love it!

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