Visit Iceland – all you need to know to plan your holiday.

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Iceland – all you need to know: Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes, colourfulhistory and vibrant culture. Iceland is a destination like no other – a magical, beautiful landscape of endless adventures.  Known as the “land of fire and ice”, Iceland is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes and several of Europe’s largest glaciers. Iceland is also a land of light and darkness. Summer days of constant daylight contrast with dark winter days with only a few hours of daylight. Visit Iceland have produced this free brochure. Where is Iceland? Iceland is an island lying in the North Atlantic Ocean. The nearest neighbour is Greenland, 286 km away, followed by the Faroe Islands at 420 km,Scotland 795 km and Norway 950 km The Arctic Circle runs just north of the Icelandic mainland. The small, inhabited island of Grímsey, off the north coast of Iceland, lies on the ArcticCircle. How Long Does it … Continue reading

Motorhome Rental Iceland

Motorhome Rental Iceland

Motorhome Rental Iceland Special Offers and Discounts. Motorhome rental Iceland Special Offers and Discounts. Use this code when booking your motorhome rental in Iceland for a great discount: PROMO CODE: ICELANDSPEC Booking valid from 3 January 2017 to 30 June 2032 Travel valid from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2032 Best time to travel to Iceland: Summer is July and August. Northern Lights are at their best February, March, September and October. Add Iceland to start your motorhome adventure.  You can rent a motorhome from Akureyri, Keflavik, Ryekjanesbaer and Reykjavik.  You can find out the cost of renting here Motorhome rental Iceland. Check out Visit Iceland for more details on planning your holiday.  Iceland campsites. Visit Iceland- all you need to know to plan your holiday.

Iceland campervan and motorhome driving information.

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Iceland Campervan and Motorhome driving tips and information for a successful Road Trip. We care about your safety. Please read these instructions carefully. McRent Iceland has provided us with this really useful guide. Driving in Iceland is different. Many roads in Iceland are loose gravel roads. Others are made of asphalt. The surface of the gravel roads can be very loose, especially along the sides. You must therefore slow down whenever you go from an asphalt road to a gravel road and show precaution when approaching an oncoming car by slowing down. The Icelandic roads and bridges can be very narrow. While driving on gravel roads speed should be kept to a minimum and driving over rivers that do not have bridges is strictly forbidden. The Weather can Change suddenly in Iceland: The most important thing to keep in mind while in Iceland is to be aware of the fact that … Continue reading