Renting Campervans and Motorhomes Privately

Renting Campervans, Motorhomes and RV’s Privately. Airbnb has highlighted the opportunity to take advantage of privately owned property and this has turned into a great money making way of earning some extra cash from a spare room or vacant accommodation. Now you can rent campervans, motorhomes and RV’s privately. Uber works well in offering cheaper taxis and has certainly disrupted the taxi industry. This is the “sharing economy” where you can make money by renting out your stuff. We have started to see various companies setting up to do the same for campervans, motorhomes and RV’s. It is very appealing to campervan and motorhome owners who often are not able to use their campers all year around so renting them out helps cover some of their costs. While the hotel and motel industry has seen this as a threat what it also appears to be doing is making holidays away … Continue reading

Why Book with Top Tips For Booking a Campervan to Rent.

By the beach in a campervan. Bliss.

Why Book with Top Tips For Booking a Campervan to Rent. Are you looking for the best campervan, RV or motorhome Rental? Are you doing the research and then finding the best price for the rental and then going directly to the rental supplier and booking? Did you get knocked back and find out that there is no availability? Did you have to start the whole process again? What if you could: Get the best rate Have someone else do all the donkey work and find you an alternative vehicle at a great rate if your vehicle is not available? That is why it pays to book with We do have the best rates on the internet. We also have contacts with many different campervan, motorhome and rv rental companies all over the world so in the event that your first choice of vehicle is not available you … Continue reading

Campervan and Motorhome Holidays with Babies and Children.

Campervan holidays with young children

Going on holiday in a campervan or Motorhome with children is a memorable experience. Ask anyone who had a family holiday in a camper when they were growing up.  It has all the best bits of camping, a road trip holiday, and the freedom to eat where and when you choose to. All the games, toys, sports equipment are all on board. Fancy a snooze or put a youngster to bed for a few hours, then you have everything right with you. Do you need to change a baby?  There is running water, showers, an onboard loo. All the comforts of home with you on holiday. Travelling with babies and needing to take nappies, towels, wet wipes, change of clothing, bibs, food, bottle, toys, cot and everything need for a young child can be a bit daunting. Pack the car and drive to the depot, unload everything you need and … Continue reading

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from?

Where Do You Want to Collect your Campervan from? This is one of the most frequent replies I make to emails that clients send to me. These emails include the dates and number of people travelling but I need more than that. I do need to know the age of the driver.  In some cases, although not all, the driver needs to be over 25.  This is not the case in all countries though. In many you can hire at 21.  You must hold a credit card in your name in all cases. One Way Rentals in a Campervan One way hires are more expensive and in Europe there is an extra charge applied on the basis of Euro1.00 for every 1km between the pick up and drop off depots. This is because the hire supplier will have to send someone to pick it up and return it to its … Continue reading

Reviews of Campervan Hire, Motorhome and RV Rental.

Relaxing family holiday.

How Do We Recommend Which Campervan, Motorhome or RV to Rent? We are often asked to recommend a type of campervan or motorhome for holidays or road trips or just as a spare room.  We have to ask quite a lot of questions before we can suggest which one will fit the requirements of our customers.  Our suggestions can be taken into account,  but ultimately it is up to the customer to make the final decision.  To help you make that decision I have outlined below what we like to know before we can make a recommendation. Also, there are many review sites that you can refer to but often these highlight the bad experiences that people have that can sometimes happen.  All of the campervan and motorhome suppliers that we book on our websites and www. have been in business for many, many years and so are … Continue reading

Ireland – Galway – The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way – one of the most spectacular driving routes in the world, oh, and Ireland. It is  1600 miles (2600 km)  long and will take you from  Inishowen Peninsula in Co. Donegal and ends in Kinsale, County Cork. You should allow at least three weeks to drive it and probably around a month to see it at a leisurely pace. The Route is split up into six regions around Ireland: The Northern Headlands The Surf Coast The Bay Coast The Cliff Coast Southern Peninsulas The Haven Coast   As if you needed a good reason to explore Ireland…but as you may need some more areas to explore, try Galway. Here are the top nine attractions: Galway Ireland Driving Routes

Zambia Motorhome and 4×4 Campervan hire

Zambia 4×4 Camper and Campervan hire Zambia 4×4 campervan hire. You can hire from Victoria Falls and Harare.We can also arrange one- way hires. The campsites in Zimbabwe are of a very high standard. You 4×4 camper is fully equipped with everything you need for an adventure in the Safari Parks. If you are not sure of how to book, or if you have questions about the 4×4 campers, please contact one of our very experienced staff. We are here to help. It may be that you haven’t driven a 4×4 before, or you may not have visited Zimbabwe before. We can help you make it happen. Don’t forget that we have done this before and hundreds of our customers have too! If there is anything that concerns you about driving in the Game Parks, finding a campsite or finding your way. We have found good campsites on this link Campsites … Continue reading

Top 7 tips tourists wish they had known before coming to New Zealand.

Motorhome in the Snow New Zealand.

Top 7 tips tourists wish they had known before coming to New Zealand. This is a great introduction to driving around New Zealand. Some of the information relating to payments is now out of date. The rest is worth a watch. Visiting New Zealand by CamperMate Top Safety Tips when travelling around New Zealand. 50 things to see and do in New Zealand

Camping in Italy with a Campervan or Motorhome.

Campervan hire in Italy. The joy of a real road trip.

Campervan and motorhome hire in Italy – useful info. Where can I camp in Italy? There are about 1870 camping rest stops and parking grounds for campervans and motorhomes. They are referred to as  “equipped,” “camper services,” “parking lots (not equipped),” and integrated areas. Free Areas to camp: Italians call campground either campeggi or campings – See more at: Campervans and motorhomes can use the rest stops on the autostrada or other roads but are not allowed to leave any waste water or rubbish.  You are not allowed to put up a tent or use any other space other than the space the motorhome uses.  Stepping-stools, awnings, tables or chairs are not permitted. As long as these rules are followed you can stay here for free for one night. Consult local authorities on rules and regulations in order to avoid fines or penalties. The Autostrada: In service areas and … Continue reading

Find out how much it costs to hire a motorhome or camper van.

tour the world in a campervan

Find out how much it costs to hire a motorhome or camper van. If you want to find out how much it costs to hire a motorhome or camper van. Watch this video to see how easy it is to find out how much a campervan or motorhome costs to hire. Click on this link. Find out how much it costs to hire a campervan or motorhome – video This short video shows which steps you need to take to find out the costs of campervan and motorhome rental around the world. Choose: The country that you want to travel around. The pick up and return cities. Dates of travel Your Age Range. Then you will be presented a list of vehicles: Make sure there are: Enough Beds and Seatbelts for all travellers The rates are listed by showing the cheapest first. Check the age of the camper Choose the … Continue reading