Driving in Spain – safety advice

Driving safely and avoiding roadside scams.

Unfortunately we have to advise on top tips to keep you and your belonging safe while traveling in a campervan at all times.

Not all countries have these problems and they are not widespread but we have been alerted to some of them and highlight the need to be vigilant wherever you are travelling.

Rental campervans and motorhomes and hire cars can be an easy target as they are easily identified as being rented by tourists and will probably contain luxury items or id documents such as passports.

When you are travelling long distances take a break.  You will be more alert when you are faced with something that is suspicious.  Take a break after every two hours or around 200kms.

Distraction Techniques:

Be aware of distraction techniques such as loud bangs or people supposedly signalling a ‘problem’ with a vehicle with the intention of forcing you to stop on the motorway.

Don’t leave valuables or documents on display:

Never leave any valuables on display – most insurance policies won’t cover stolen belongings from cars if they have been left on display.

Tyre punctures:

Be extra careful in car hire collection points, service stations, and rest areas. People have
been victims of scams where their car tyres have been punctured; they have then been followed and subsequently robbed when they are forced to stop because of a flat tyre.


If you have broken down or stopped because of a problem with the car, call your breakdown service.
If you or other passengers leave the car, you must wear a reflective jacket. You must also display
red warning triangles in front of and behind your vehicle in most European countries.

Be wary of other drivers stopping to help you or people presenting themselves as police officers. It is rare that police will arrive without being called, and traffic police are always in uniform.

Police Officers:

If you’re not sure if someone is a police officer, call the local emergency services to confirm their identity.
If you stop remember to be on your guard – someone who stops to help you or to ask for your help
might be part of the scam.

Be Aware:
Familiarise yourself with local speed limits and signs.
Make sure you have copies of your motor insurance documents.
Take out travel insurance and breakdown and recovery cover for your time on holiday and have the details to hand.
Important contact details – make sure you have the breakdown or roadside service number in your phone.

Here is a useful link to check out the current status of every country around the world:

Foreign Travel Advice for all countries from the British Foreign Office.

Top Tips for renting a campervan in Spain.

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