Campervan Rental and Riding the New Zealand Cycle Trails.

Campervan Hire in New Zealand with bikes and bike rack.

Campervan Hire in New Zealand with bikes and bike rack.

Campervan Rental and Riding the New Zealand Cycle Trails.

Plan your Cycle Trip around New Zealand.

So, you are a keen cyclist and want to explore New Zealand by bike on the cycle trails. The most exciting way is by renting a campervan or motorhome with bikes and a bike rack. Then you have the ultimate freedom to see New Zealand’s back roads.

Bike racks on a campervan.

Many Campervan Rental Companies in New Zealand have the option to add bike racks to your camper.

There are those who will have weeks of time to tour the whole of New Zealand and cover every inch of the 2,500km of cycle trails now available. Then there are the rest of us who want to tour New Zealand and select the trails that we want to do.

The first websites to visit are:

This site offers a full and comprehensive guide including maps of all the current cycle trails that you can have access to as a visitor to New Zealand.

It is organised by region and then by trail difficulty.

Choose from:

  • Auckland
  • Bay of Plenty
  • Canterbury
  • Central North Island
  • East Coast
  • Hawkes Bay
  • Marlborough
  • Nelson/Tasman
  • Northland
  • Otago
  • Southland
  • Taranaki
  • Waikato
  • Wellington and the Wairarapa
  • West Coast
  • Whanganui and Manawatu

Which Campervan Hire Companies in New Zealand rent out bikes and bike racks?

Many campervan and motorhome rental companies offer bikes and bike racks to rent while you are touring New Zealand.

Some only rent out the racks and you will have to either take your own bike or rent from a bike rental company.

The cost of renting a bike from a campervan hire supplier is around NZ$12.00 per day. Bike racks work out at about NZ$50.00 for the duration or your hire.

New Zealand Campervan hire with bikes and bike rack.

New Zealand Campervan hire with bikes and bike rack.

These companies rent out bikes and bike racks:

  • Abuzzy campers: bike rack and up to 3 bikes.
  • Ace: bike racks only.
  • Britz offer bikes and bike racks
  • Spaceships: bike rack only
  • Escape Campers: bike rack only
  • Maui: bikes and bike rack
  • Pacific Horizon: bike rack only
  • RV Rentals: bike rack only

Find out the costs or renting these campers in New Zealand Campervan Hire in New Zealand.

Not all campervans or motorhomes from these companies have bike racks.  They are limited to some models only. You will see in the check list when making a booking to reserve a campervan that the option to include both a bike and a bike rack is listed.

Choose between a man's and a woman's bike to rent.

Choose between a man’s and a woman’s bike to rent.

Bike Rental Companies in New Zealand:

A quick search on came up with a whole list of bike rental companies:

Natural High Bike Rental

Switchback Travel

Cycle Hire in Christchurch

Pick up in one location and return to another.

Once you have chosen the areas you want to explore by bicycle, then plan your pick up and drop off locations.   New Zealand has depots in all the main cities.  But, you need to check that the campervan rental companies that rent out bikes and/or racks have a depot in the city where you want to travel to and from.

Plan to travel between Auckland and Christchurch and you can’t go wrong. You may consider either Queenstown or Wellington as the second options.  Outside of that there will be limited options.

Electric Bikes.

There are a lot of hills in New Zealand so consider renting an electric bike.

Electrify New Zealand Rents out Electric Bikes…it is a bit hilly in NZ.

Ferry Crossing,

If you are considering travelling between the North and South islands in your campervan with bikes then you will have to book a ferry crossing at some point.  Trying to build the ultimate flexibility into your holiday is difficult when there are limited numbers of vehicles spaces on the inter-island ferry. However, out of peak season such as Christmas and Januay/February you may be able to book only a couple of days before you wish to cross the Cook Straight.

There are useful online booking services available to you or you can visit any of the I-sites in every town throughout New Zealand and they can book a crossing for you.I-sites in New Zealand.

Don’t forget that your vehicle will be longer if you have bikes and a bike rack on your camper.

Campervans, Motorhomes and Bikes.

It is not recommended that you keep your bike inside a camper or motorhome.  If you are renting a camper then you will be liable for any damage that occurs while you have it on hire.  Having a bike in the rear of the camper can cause damage to the interior and you could lose your deposit.

Imagine riding through the cool of the New Zealand bush, dense with fern, dappled with light and the only sound is the call of native birds loud above the hum of your bike.

Or, imagine a trail that rounds a wide sweeping bend to a view that simply takes your breath away – stunning snowcapped peaks mirrored in a deep, still lake.

Journeys such as these exist – they are real examples of what ‘Nga Haerenga – The New Zealand Cycle Trail’ has on offer.  And it all started with an idea…

Nine great walks in New Zealand

50 things to see and do in New Zealand.

Snow Board New Zealand


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