Campervan Rental and Walking Holiday in Scotland.

Wild camp in Scotland.

Rent a Campervan in Scotland and enjoy the amazing walks. Planning a walking holiday in Scotland but don’t want to be tied down to having to book accommodation? If you book a hotel or Airbnb you are confined to one area. Book a campervan and tour Scotland and the whole country is available to you to explore. Scotland has a very relaxed attitude to free camping as long as you leave no trace.  They expect to find campers in the middle of nowhere staying the night and enjoying Scotland’s natural beauty. Only stay one night in each place to minimise your impact.  Take advantage of the many campsites too. These are situated in areas of natural beauty and offer extra facilities. We recommend taking an os map of the area that you intend to walk. Take a compass and learn how to use the two together. Having a smart phone … Continue reading

Scotland in the Winter

Scotland in the Winter I came across this video today and thought you might also like to see it. I’ll be adding more detail about travelling around Scotland in the winter.  I have been in a campervan over winter in Scotland and armed with walking boots, warm clothes and a flask of hot tea, set off on some amazing walks. Free-camping is ok in most places around Scotland so the diesel overnight heater on board was essential when tempertures outside dropped to -6C and the water in the dog bowl froze! Walking in the snow and having the place to ourselves was just magical.  Don’t be put off but be prepared.  Returning with the glow of a keen wind and finding warmth in the camper after a good stride across the hills is fantastic.