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Who Are We?

www.budgetcampervans and www.campervans.com are two websites offering the best deals in hiring campervan or motorhome in over 40 countries around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, South America, or just about anywhere.

We also run a very competitive car hire site in case you want to spend some of your time in a car rental.Cheap Car Rental.

email:  info@campervans.com

What Do We Do?

We offer 7 day a week customer service via a freephone number 0800 917 4347 in the UK or internationally +441 208 869 446.  Or, check out the search engine on our website for local contact numbers to you. Call us to discuss your holiday in a campervan or motorhome.

Why are We the Best?

The rates are competitive as we book large volumes of campervan hires throughout the world with over 200 companies in 40 countries.

There are thousands of campervans, motorhomes, rvs, truck campers, sleeper cars…you name it , we have it.

There are luxury six berths to backpacker low tops and everything in between.

How Old Are We?

We started hiring vehicles in 1998 and have an established respected business offering great service and the best rates – all on one website.  There are no hidden extras.  All the rates are published on our search engine and we include the options to choose additional extras with the costs listed next to them.

All local taxes, the insurance options and any additional fees such as one way fees, bedding costs, or additional costs for Sunday collections or transfers are all listed.

Ask us for the best way to get the best price.  Special offers are updated daily on our site.  The earlier you book, the better  the rate.

If you need our help to find the campervan or motorhome that suits your needs, please contact us.

Who Do We Rent Out Campervans and Motorhomes With?

We work with all the main companies around the world. They also take booking requests from other companies too.    This means that availability changes on an hourly basis.  If you make a firm request with payment details we will book the vehicle of your choice. If the vehicle is not available then we will source various alternatives and offer them to you.  If the vehicle of your choice is available we will process payment. If we offer you alternatives no funds are taken until you accept that offer. If you don’t accept any then no payment is taken.

I work with various companies so that we can offer this service.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Campervan Hire?

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