Top tips for getting a cheaper rate on campervan hire!

Top tip for getting a better price on campervan hire!

Today I saved a customer over £750.00 by reversing a quote!  they asked for a New York to Las Vegas quote for a motorhome so I also calculated the reverse trip and it was cheaper to from Las Vegas to New York!  It depends where the fleet lies and the time of year it is.  Try it yourself when considering a one way hire.  All one way hires are at the discretion of the depot manager or the supplier so they often take a bit longer to confirm as this is also dependent on where the vehicles are.

You can often save on your hire by requesting a one way hire in New Zealand from Christchurch to Auckland (South to North) or in Australia by looking at Cairns to Sydney.  If you need us to help, just email or call us.  We are here to get the best prices for you.

Request your booking early and you are more likely to book your one way hire.  Request late and you may not succeed.  Please check before you book your flights.

There are not many reductions in Europe as one way hires are not as easy to arrange.

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