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4 berth 4x4 campers with roof tents

There are no motorhomes with showers and WC to rent in Botswana.

4 Berth Britz DCE with Roof Tent

4 Berth Britz DCE

with Roof Tent
Under 3 years old
4 Berth 4WD Britz DLE

4 Berth Britz DLE

with Roof Tent
Under 3 years old
4 Berth Caprivi Toyota Hilux 4WD Double Cab with Roof Tent

Caprivi Toyota Hilux

Double Cab - 2 Roof Tents
Under 3 years old
4 Berth 4WD Toyota Hilux 2.4l Camper with 1 Roof Tent

Toyota Hilux (2.4l)

Double Cab - 1 Roof Tent
Under 3 years old

Botswana Route Planner

You need to plan well for a roadtrip around Botswana. We only rent out 4x4 campers. The best of the range that has been voted highest in reviews by you are featured above.

We have listed below some useful links to help you plan your 4x4 road trip around Botswana.

Most visitors to Botswana want to visit the Game Parks between May and September and see The Okavango Delta, The Moremi game reserve and the Chobe National Park.

There are some main roads driveable by a 2-wheel drive vehicle but there is much more to see off the beaten track and you will need a 4x4 to go and find the wild-life.

Be prepared for sand. Many roads are just sandy tracks. Take a short 4x4 course to familiarise yourself with the vehicle. Learn how to use all the gears including low and high ratio and when to lock the diff. Some advise to deflate tyres slightly if driving on sand.

Also know how to use the jack and change a tyre. There is a real possibility travelling off-road or on sand and dirt tracks that you will need to change a tyre.

Start your day early. Animals are on the move at dawn and at dusk. This is the best time to get out on the road.

Botswana RV hire

The Okovango is a swamp. How can I drive there?

Good planning is the answer and ask advice before you head off. There are roads in and around the swamp but they can flood. There are usually alternative routes to take though. Local advice is the best.

Other travellers and locals are the best people to ask about where they have seen animals and birds. It will take you a few days to get your "eye in" and then you will start seeing the animals that before would have been hidden by their camoflage.

You are high up in 4x4. Don't leave the vehicle. Wear tan coloured clothing to blend in with your surroundings.

Pack good binoculars and cameras with zoom lenses and plenty of spare batteries and sd cards.

Use a map. The GPS or any internet based navigation could fail due to lack of signal or low batteries. Learn how to read the map and how to judge the types of roads or tracks you will be travelling on.

Botswana RV hire

Make sure you have some basic tools and a spade.

You can camp in campsites which are in good locations to see the wild life. They are often next to water holes where the animals come to drink at dusk and through the night.

Stay in one place for a few days and go out on day trips. Some camps even organise guided walking safaris for a truly unique experience.

The 4x4's are well equipped with camping gear and sleeping kit. They are not luxury vehicles but they will take you off-road and they are good reliable Toyota Hilux or Land Cruisers.

The kitchen equipment on board will enable you to cook basic meals with tea and coffee making facilities too. There is also a small fridge on board.

Keep your water supplies topped up whereever you go.

Make a good plan and change it! But have a plan. Watch the weather and ask at campsites about where the animals are.

The trip around Botswana will be exciting and varied. You can change your plans at any time. Stay longer, change your route, discover new places and experiences.

Botswana RV hire

You may want to stop for a few days in a lodge for a change of scenary. Having your own vehicle means that you can decide every night where to stay. The next night might be in a very basic campsite...

How Much Time Will I Need to see all the Game Parks

It takes about three weeks to see the game parks in Botswana at a comfortable rate and to give you time to explore and find the animals and birds. Taking in the scenary sometimes can take all day.

Drive under 80kms per hour.

Keep your lights on at all times.

Drive in 4-wheel drive on sand roads.

Don't drive at night.

Stop if it rains heavily. It will soon pass.

Make sure your phone is always charged.

Check for animals before you get out of your vehicle.

Plan ahead. Book campsites in advance at peak times.

Take your time. Stop and spot your own animals.

Botswana RV hire

Make sure you have spare fuel, water and spare tyres (x2)

Stock up with food in local towns. Keep plenty of snacks on board.

Take cash. Many shops, lodges and garages only accept cash.

Check where garages and fuel stops are before you set off. Many lodges have a small shop and fuel station.

There will be charges at the entrances to Game Parks and National Parks.

Botswana RV hire Botswana RV hire

Best time to visit: During the dry season May to September. The Okavango is flooded from June to October.

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