The Best UK Campervans, RV's and Motorhomes To Hire. These are Your Top Choices:

These vehicles are all rated by our customer at between 4 - 5 stars. They are under 2 years old

7 Berth Motorhome with Spaceships

7 Berth Motorhome

from Spaceships
Under 2 years old
6 Berth Motorhome from Just Go

6 Berth Motorhome

from Just Go Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
4 Berth Motorhome from McRent

4 Berth Motorhome

from McRent UK
Under 2 years old

UK Road Trip Planner for Camper Vans, Motorhomes and RV's

The Highlights:

We have listed below some useful links to websites we use when planning a road trip by campervan or motorhome in the UK:

Regional Tourism Sites:

Campsites in the UK for Campervans and Motorhomes:

National Parks in the UK:

Best time to visit: All year around.

Now You Have Booked Your Campervan, it's Time to Plan your Trip.

If collecting from London and you only have a week then keep your distances short. Once you are out of London you will find driving easy.

Head for a campsite not too far away and set up for the night. If you are heading out of town then it may take you some time to leave London. After that we would suggest travelling before the rush hour (7am to 9am) around towns and cities. Or, after 7pm in the evening during summer months. You avoid a lot of traffic at these times and it makes motoring so much more relaxing.

UK luxury camper hire

Once in the countryside you won't be too troubled by traffic if you keep outside the busy times where there are people travelling to and from work.

Just Go have put together two 21 day suggested itineraries - one for families and another for adults. You can find it here: Just Go Itineraries

Rockin Vans also suggest a trip that takes in Stone Henge, the Cotswolds, Stratford upon Avon, the Lake District, Gretna Green and Edinburgh.

Bunk Campers are also one of our top rental suppliers and they too have a great selection of driving routes designed for campervan and motorhomes. UK Driving Routes for Campervan and Motorhome Holidays.

UK luxury camper hire

Planning a road trip in a campervan or motorhome means that you can choose exactly where to go and when. Please yourself. If it's ancient heritage sites or modern grafitti walking tours, the UK has it all.

We suggest taking a look at the Tourist Board sites as listed above and go from there. Stay in your comfort zone and do what you love and then step out and try something different.

There is an abundance of campsites in the UK and we are often asked about Free-Camping or Wild Camping.

The general understanding is that it is ok to spend one night in one place and then move on the next day. This minimised impact and you don't take advantage of a really great opportunity to park up in an amazing place.

We have heard of many people having no problems free-camping in Scotland and the wilder places of England and Wales. If in doubt, ask a local...if you see any!

Guide Books are in abundance and the suggestions for road-trippers follow the same suggestions as for those who tour the uk by other means. The highlights are highlights because they are generally something very definte to go and see. We have a list on our blog

Give everyone a chance to make a suggestion on what you do on a family road trip even if it does mean spending a day in a water park in sub-zero temperatures. Memories are made of these days.

Bunk Campers with Highland Cattle

There is a scheme run by Practical Motorhome that lists very cheap places to stay called Night Stops

Rough Guides have put together 6 suggested driving trips on their website 6 of the Best road trips in the UK

What Should I Pack?

Take everything in a soft bag so that you can store it easily after you have unpacked. Some depots let you leave your luggage in a secure area if you are returning to the same place as you collect the camper from.

Casual clothes. If you are planning any formal night's out then there is a room in most larger motorhomes to hang clothes in a small wardrobe.

Take your walking boots. There are plenty of spectacular walks where you can park up, brew a flask of tea and head off across moors, dales, mountains or around lakes.

There's plenty of room in the storage areas for muddy boots.

Rent bikes. Many of the campervans and motorhomes have bike racks. There is a growing number of cycle-tracks right across the UK. National Cycle Track Network

Take a good camera, binoculars and all the tech gadgets such as ipads, smart phones, e-readers and make sure you have the chargers. There are portable chargers available online.

UK Countryside

I also take a portable hard-drive to store photos and videos on when there is no internet connection. You can also purchase portable internet routers too if you don't want to miss uploading photos to your blog/social media/cloud storage.

Take maps, a diary/journal to keep a record of your journey.

Stock up with food and drinks early on so you don't have to worry about where you stay for the night. The on-board fridge will keep food and drinks cool for a couple of days at least if you are parked up.

There are plenty of newspaper articles, blogs and guides to help you out.

The Packing List and Top Tips on packing for a motorhome road trip Campervan Road Trip Packing Checklist.

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