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These vehicles are all rated at between 4 - 5 stars, and are under 2 years old

6 Berth Motorhome from Big Sky RV

6 Berth Motorhome

from Big Sky RV
Under 2 years old
5 Berth Motorhome from Big Sky RV

5 Berth Motorhome

from Big Sky RV
Under 2 years old
4 Berth Motorhome from Big Sky RV

4 Berth Motorhome

from Big Sky RV
Under 2 years old
4 Berth VW Californian

4 Berth VW Californian

from Big Sky RV
Under 2 years old

Belgium Road Trip Planner for Camper Van and Motorhome Travellers.

The best time to visit Belgium is anytime from April until October. High season is July and August.

We have listed useful links to help you plan a road trip by campervan or motorhome visiting Belgium

Our Links will help you find out about Belgium, its regions, campsites and national parks.

We also list a link to driving regulations, road toll information and some suggested itineraries below. So now you are all set.

There are links for free overnight parking and a link for traffic news. These are all useful links for pre-planning your road-trip.

Hopefully you have chosen your motorhome or camper van to travel in. Then the easy part happens. We know you will love travelling in your home from home around Belgium.

There are plenty of blogs to read and apps to download. Take a map too. Apps and phones are all great until you run out of signal or battery!

Pack lightly, stock up on day one and spend the first night at a campsite to get organised is our best advice.

Touring in a camper van or motorhome is fun and relaxing for everyone. Take turns driving, give everyone a job...share the worst jobs...and the best ones.

Try not to pack too much in and leave some extra days in your plan to go off in a different direction or spend a little longer in a newly discovered place.

Watch the weather...change your route if it changes for the worse. That is the advantage of a road trip in a camper. You can change your mind.

Cooking on the road

I am a keen cook and so enjoy the prospect of finding local ingredients to cook up in the evening in the camper. I take recipes that I will have the time to try.

It is amazing the meals that you can create using two burners and a grill! There are sometimes small ovens included in the larger campers. All powered by gas which is great.

Park up, find a view and send everyone outside and leave me to it.

Keep it simple and use jars of sauces, tins of beans, corn and tomatoes. Buy fresh from local markets and chill the wine in the onboard fridge.

Most campers and motorhomes have a small freezer too useful for ice-cubes and frozen peas.

Time together

The motorhome is a great place to spend time together out of sheer necessity. Family card games, friendly board games or just chilling and sharing a jigsaw or stretching out and reading. Plan ahead and make sure you take a really good book and a pack of cards.

The camper does get a bit messy. Easily done but life is much more simple on the road and keeping everything in it's place helps a lot.

The Electronics

We all seem to travel with digital phones, cameras and laptops not to mention electric toothbrushes, hair dryers and ipods. Fortunately, these are all accommodated in many campervans and motorhomes. You will usually find usb connections, charging points and plugs as well as small screen tv's and dvd players.

I take a portable hard drive to keep my photos and videos on as the internet or 4g on the road is not always reliable.

Some travellers now blog or vlog about their travels and share on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Some stick to the analogue and take a notebook or journal. I sometimes use the free storage on Wordpress or Joomla or Drupal to upload my photos too and create a small website as a record of my travels. You can limit the people who see this as well.

Buying a wifi hotspot can keep those who are lost when not connected to the rest of the world. It is also useful if you really have to keep in touch with work.

For the more adventurous recorders of adventurers there is the option of using a drone for those magnificent arial shots. I haven't progressed beyond the GoPro yet.

If this is your first road trip in a camper van or motorhome then you will probably get hooked right away. There is always time to do something new, try something different as well as just relax somewhere...

There are three regions in Belgium:

Check out our video channel for Belgium Road Trip suggestions:


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