Tour Norway in One of Theses Campervans or Motorhomes.

These vehicles are all rated at between 4 - 5 stars, and are under 2 years old

6-Berth Sleeps 4 adults and 2 Children from Touring Cars

6 Berth

4 adults + 2 Children

from Touring Cars
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Shower / WC


Sleeps 4 adults

from Touring Cars
Under 2 years old
4-Berth A-Class. Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children from McRent

4-Berth A-Class

2 adults + 2 children

from McRent
Under 2 years old
4-Berth Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children from Touring Cars

4 Berth

2 adults + 2 children

from McRent
Under 2 years old
2-Berth with shower and wc Campervan from McRent

2 Berth Campervan

with Shower + WC

Campervan from McRent
Under 2 years old
2-berth Motorhome from McRent

2 Berth Motorhome

from McRent
Under 2 years old

Norway Campervan and Motorhome Hire. Choose from nearly 20 different campers and 4x4's.

Our Premium Campervans and Motorhomes.

Norway offers a really good choice of premium campervans and motorhomes to hire. Below are the main features that you need to consider when renting a campervan or motorhome in Norway.

Firstly, there needs to be the right number of seatbelts in the camper.

Secondly, there needs to be the right bed layout.The mini campers are ideal for a luxury holiday. There is one large double bed in the rear of the vehicle and basic cooking facilities. This is perfect for a couple.

The next size up for two people is the van conversion which is equipped with a shower and wc. There is either one double bed or two singles.

There is a gas hob and fridge making this campervan fully contained. There is sometimes a microwave as well.

Bike racks can be requested. The 2-berths also have an option of a fixed bed at the rear and this also means there is a garage below for ski or bike storage.

The 4-berths have either two double beds or a double bed and two singles. They are well equipped with shower and wc. Most of these vehicles are under 2 years old offering a quality option.

6-berth motorhomes are ideal for couples or two people wanting more room and are perfect for a family holiday. All of these have internal access meaning that you can walk through from the front seats to the living area without having to go outside the vehicle.

Some of Europe's best known campervan and motorhome hire companies operate in Norway. They are experienced and offer quality campervans and motorhomes for rent.

General Information About Campervan Hire in Norway.

The right to roam is firmly set in Norway’s law. You have the right to walk and explore almost all of Norway.

The roads in Norway are excellent and its scenery breathtaking - the most perfect road trip destination.

There is a wide range of campers, 4x4's, campervans and motorhomes to rent to enjoy a special holiday with your partner or to take your family on the road trip of a lifetime.

No need to have a plan…just go. We have all vehicles to suit your budget.

Book your campervan hire early to both avoid disappointment if your chosen vehicle is not available and to get a deal on the rates.

The campers range from a mini-camper to a large 6-berth motorhome. All are very well equipped.

Best Time To Travel to Norway:

Travel to Norway between June and August for the long days of sun. May and September offer cooler weather and the country has less tourists.

If you want winter sports, and the northern lights you may catch them in September but you are more likely to see them between December and February.

Our teams are always on hand to find you the best deal on campervan hire and motorhome rental. Special discounts are always available.

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