Switzerland Campervan and Motorhome Hire from Geneva and Zurich.

These vehicles are all rated at between 4 - 5 stars, and are under 2 years old

6-Berth Motorhome with Camper King

6-Berth Motorhome

Motorhome King 6

with Camper King
Under 2 years old
6-Berth Motorhome with Pure

6-Berth Motorhome

Luxury Sunlight A70

from Pure Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
6-Berth Sleeps 4 adults, 2 children with Pure

6-Berth A 5887

4 adults + 2 children

from Pure Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
4-berth Motorhome A-Class with Pure

4 Berth Motorhome

Luxury Globebus

from Pure Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
4-Berth Motorhome with Pure

4-Berth Motorhome

Sunlight T67

from McRent Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
2-4 Berth VW California with Indie Campers

2 - 4 Berth VW

California Campervan

with Indie Campers
Under 2 years old
2-4 Berth Campervan with shower and wc with Pure

2-4 Berth Campervan

with Shower and WC

from Pure Motorhomes
Under 2 years old

Switzerland Campervan and Motorhome Rental.

Our Vehicles

Swiss campervans come in many sizes. The smallest and most compact is the sleeper car available to rent from Zurich. It is based on a Dacia Dokker Van but has been cleverly converted to sleep two adults in comfort.  There are also cooking facilities on board.  You will need to stay in a campsite overnight for shower and wc facilities. There is one double bed but it is a very simple arrangement.

The next size up is more sophisticated and has been built on a Mercedes base. The vehicle has a "pop-top" which houses the second double bed.

There is basic cooking facilities with a cooking hob and a fridge. This vehicle sleeps four. There isn't a shower or wc on board.

The 2-berth with shower and wc is fully self contained. It has good cooking facilities and a fridge. The bed can be either a large double or two singles giving you the optimal solution This camper offers two people comfortable campervan travel. It is easy to drive and very manoeuvrable. Perfect for people who are first-timers. A popular choice for those who are experienced renters too.

The slightly larger motorhome for two people has a fixed bed. This saves time and offers a more comfortable option.

The 3 to 4 berth motorhomes are spacious and offer a cost effective way for three to four people to share accommodation on the road. These vehicles have a large fridge, a good sized shower and kitchen. The larger vehicles sport a "garage" in the rear to store camping equipment, bikes or skiis. The larger, square fronted "A" class is a must for seeing the views. These vehicles have big windows at the front, have a garage, the drivers and passengers seats swivel around to meet the dining table so cleverly freeing up more space. This too is a popular option for two people travelling.

6-berth motorhomes offer the ultimate in space. Many couples choose to rent a larger vehicle as there is much more room and the shower is larger than in the 2-berth. The mighty six-berths have a low-top front or a higher top with a bigger head room for the bed above the cab. The six-berths have either a fixed double bed at the rear of the vehicle or two singles. There is a double bed above the cab and the table in the centre of the vehicle converts to a small double. These vehicles are built for couples or a family holiday.  Check out the bed sizes if you have lanky teenagers in your party!

General Information

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Hire a sleeper car, a vw pop-top camper, a 2-berth with shower, a 4-berth or a 6-berth motorhome from Zurich and start your Switzerland adventure.

Switzerland offers a fantastic destination for a road trip in your campervan. There are many campsites to spend the night and there are miles of open road through beautiful mountains and lakes.

Explore the Alps and park up and go hiking to walk off all that wonderful Swiss chocolate!

Switzerland’s cities include Bern, Geneva and Lucerne. Switzerland offers year round excitement. Some of the best skiing can be had here and in the summer glaciers and waterfalls beckon.

Switzerland offers a holiday opportunity for families and friends, or a romantic break with your partner.

Stunning scenery - the Matterhorn, Lausanne, LakeLucerne.

Switzerland is also renowned for its food and particularly its wine.

Plan a road trip holiday that will be full of surprises and enjoyment and adventure.

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