Top Camper van, Motorhome and RVs to Hire in the UK. These are The Best Rated Campervan and Motorhomes to Rent as Reviewed by our Customers.

These campervans are all rated at between 4 - 5 stars, and are under 2 years old

7 Berth Motorhome with Spaceships

7 Berth Motorhome

from Spaceships
Under 2 years old
6 Berth Motorhome from Just Go

6 Berth Motorhome

from Just Go Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
6 Berth Motorhome from McRent

6 Berth Motorhome

from McRent UK
Under 2 years old
6 Berth Motorhome from Bunk Campers

6 Berth Motorhome

from Bunk Campers
Under 2 years old
5 Berth Motorhome from Spaceships

5 Berth Motorhome

from Spaceships
Under 2 years old
4 Berth A Class from Just Go

4 Berth A-Class

Automatic Luxury from Just Go
Under 2 years old
4 Berth Motorhome from McRent

4 Berth Motorhome

from McRent UK
Under 2 years old
4 Berth Automatic Motorhome from Just Go

4 Berth Automatic Motorhome

with Fixed Rear Bed from Just Go
Under 2 years old
4 Berth Europa

4 Berth Europa

from Bunk Campers UK
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Motorhome from Just Go

2-Berth Motorhome

from Just Go Motorhomes
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Motorhome from McRent

2-Berth Motorhome

from McRent UK
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Campervan with Bunk Campers

2-Berth Campervan

with Bunk Campers UK
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Sleeper Car

2-Berth Sleeper Car

with Spaceships
Under 2 years old
2 Berth Low Top Camper

2-Berth Low-top Camper

with Bunk Campers
Under 2 years old
2 Berth VW Camper Pop-Top

2-Berth VW Camper Pop-Top

with Bunk Campers
Under 2 years old

United Kingdom Luxury Campervan, Motorhome and RV Hire

Our Camper Vans, Motorhomes and RV's

Looking for the best campervans, motorhomes and RV's to rent in the UK? Our customers have rated these rental campervans and motorhomes between 4 and 5 stars.

5 Stars means that their vehicle was "Superb". 4 and a 1/2 stars means it was "Great"

We have used these ratings to list the best campervans that have consistently ranked very highly.

We have also only included motorhomes and campervans in the UK that are under 2 years old. This ensures that these campers have lower mileage and are in better condition than older vehicles.

We don't expect that you will know the company names of Campervan and Motorhome Rental companies as they are not as well know as car hire companies so this system should make it easier for you to make a choice. You will know Winnebago, Mercedes and VW Camper Vans though. You'll find these to rent too.

You'll still need to choose adding in the need for a certain number of beds and seat-belts but we hope our reviews help you choose the style of motorhome that you want to rent.

Please use the booking engine to see much more information about our camper vans, RV's and Motorhomes with more photographs and diagrams of the layout both day and night-time.

Consider the number of seat belts you need. Some campers have enough for 5 people but only two can sleep inside the vehicle. These are the smaller sleeper cars and are great for a camping holiday with tents.

The basic VW campers with a pop-top roof don't have an onboard toilet or shower. These are great efficient campers and you will need to stay in a campsite for the shower block. The onboard cooking facilities are very adequate and of course there is a washing up sink.

Some of the the larger 2-berths have a fixed bed. Or you can choose one where you make up the bed each day. The advantage of these vehicles is that they have the space to have a shower and wc all in one place. The fridges are often larger and there are many extras.

Check out the age of each vehicle before you make your decision. The cheaper vehicles are older. But, and this is important, if you book early then you can get a very new vehicle at the same price as booking an older vehicle later.

Who are our Rental Suppliers?

The booking engine features hire suppliers campervans from well established reliable companies. McRent a German company with depots in Scotland and England and throughout Europe.

Spaceships, who are an Australian company, who also operate throughout Europe and Australasia.

Bunk Campers and Just Go supply great deals and top quality Camper Vans, Motorhomes, and RV's.

Bunk Campers who also have depots in Ireland and Europe

There are many other smaller suppliers that we offer great rates with.

Rockin Vans who feature Vw Camper Vans to rent in London, Edinburgh, Brighton airport, Glasgow, Inverness and Manchester.

Spaceshipshave a good range of RV Van Rentals with their 7-berth and also rent out older sleeper cars. They have depots in London, Dublin and Edinburgh in the UK. You'll find them through Europe, Australia and New Zealand too.

Bumble and Easi Campers are found in Manchester and rent out the great Fiat Tribute. Bumble has people carriers similar to Spaceships and are painted in yellow and black.

Touring Cars is a giant company based throughout the UK and Europe including Latvia, Spain, Iceland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Finland and offers great new and near new RV's and motorhomes to rent.

Why do We have So Many Different Camper Van, Motorhome and RV Rental Companies on our Site?

We have thousands of customers every year renting in the UK. There are so many that we sometimes have to disappoint them as there are just not enough campers or motorhomes to go around during peak season so we have several companies to make up the numbers.

Why don't I see all the motorhome rental companies on your site?

We have very strict quality control. The companies that you will be able to book through us are well established and offer quality campervans and motorhomes. They also have a good back up system in place and spare vehicles if necessary. We have worked with most of them for many years and they know that we are reliable and we know our customers will be well looked after if we recommend them to you.

Why Do I Get A Cheaper Rate when I book Through than I would if I book Direct?

Our discounts from high volume number of bookings are shared with you so we are cheaper than booking direct.

What Sizes of Camper Vans, RV's and Motorhomes will I find on

  • 2 berth Low Top Campers
  • 2 berth Hi-tops
  • 2 berth Sleeper Car
  • 2 - 4 berth VW Camper Pop-Tops
  • 2 berth with WC and Shower

  • 4 berth Motorhome/ Rv with WC & Shower and fixed double bed.
  • 4 berth Motorhome/ RV with WC & Shower with bunk beds
  • 6 berth Motorhome/ Rv with WC & Shower and fixed double bed.
  • 6 berth Motorhome/ RV with WC & Shower with bunk beds
  • 4 and 6 berth C-class and A-class RV's

We are here to help you find the best camper for your holiday at the best rates. Call us.

General Information

Choose from small sleeper cars, low top campers, hi-top campervans in our budget range or if you luxury, and want more on board such as a toilet and shower then there are 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 berth motorhomes to rent.

Each depot has a slightly different range of campervans and motorhomes. The most choice is from the London depots. There are also sleeper cars available if you are on a budget.

One-way hires are available but for a small extra charge.
We do rent out campers and motorhomes for festivals and sporting events. Let us know which ones you are going to so we can be sure that you rent the right camper.

You do need to hold a credit card to rent out a campervan or motorhome. This is essential in all cases.
We also need to know the age of the main driver to make sure that the insurance cover is ok.

There is an enormous amount to see and do in England and there are hundreds of campsites to park up overnight.

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We are very experienced. After 20 years arranging campervan and motorhome hire for our clients we are very good.

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