Finland Helsinki, Kuopio, Roveniami or Turku Depots.

All Vehicles 4 - 5 Star Rated and Under 2 Years Old

6 Berth Family Luxury

6 Berth Family

Luxury Campervan

from McRent Finland

Under 2 years old
6 Berth Family Plus

6 Berth Family

Family Plus Campervan

from McRent Finland

Under 2 years old
6-berth TC Large from Touring Cars

6 Berth TC

Large Campervan

from Touring Cars

Under 2 years old
4-berth Family Standard

4 Berth

Family Standard

from McRent Finland

Under 2 years old
4-berth Compact Plus Sunlight T63

4 Berth Compact

Sunlight T63 

from McRent Finland

Under 2 years old
4 Berth Shower / WC

4 Berth TC

2 adults + 2 children

from Touring Cars

Under 2 years old
2-berth Van Conversion Touring Cars

2 Berth TC Van

Van Conversion

from Touring Cars

Under 2 years old
2-berth Compact Plus McRent

2 Berth Compact

Sleeps 2 Adults

from McRent Finland

Under 2 years old

Finland Campervan and Motorhome Hire

Our Vehicles

Finland has three main depots to start a campervan or motorhome hire from. Helsinki and Helsinki Airport, Rovaniemi and Turku. Each depot has a slightly different choice of campervans or motorhomes to rent.

The compact 2-berth with shower and toilet is a popular choice for two friends travelling together or a couple. Well equipped with shower and toilet this vehicle is economical and easy to manoevre. Large windows at the front make it a good choice for sightseeing in Finland.

The slightly larger Compact T1, 2-berth has similar layout to the standard 2-berth with the main difference is that it has a fixed bed at the rear of the vehicle. No need to make up the bed each night.

The Family Standard 4-berth has the option of two double beds or a double and two singles.

The A-class is a compact luxury 4 berth designed for 4 people to travel together. It has two double beds, one is fixed at the rear of the motorhome. Under 2 years old this is a luxury vehicle.

6-berth motorhomes are an option for those wanting more space or a family that needs the options of bunks as well as a double.

All vehicles have good cooking facilities, a shower and wc and sometimes room for a garage to store skis, surfboards etc. Bike racks are on request.

  • 2 berth with shower toilet
  • 4 Berth A Class + Toilet & Shower
  • 4 Berth + Toilet & Shower
  • 6 Berth + Shower & Toilet

General Information

Finland RV hire

It takes 16-hour-drive from top to the bottom of Finland.

Take in any or all of the 10 official tourist routes

Rent a 2-berth camper van, a 4 berth or 6 berth motorhome to enjoy long days and short nights.

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Book early for the best choice and best rates online.

Tour the Bothnian Coast Road from southern Finland all the way up to the Swedish border.

The 900-kilometre-long Bothnian Coast Road used to be a post road in the Middle Ages.

The most popular routes are the Bothnian Coast Road, the Blue Highway, the Tar Route and the amazing Archipelago Trail.

Campsites for campervans and motorhomes are found throughout the country.

Best times to travel is between May and September.

Depot pick up points in Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

Finland enjoys "Everyman's rights" so the right to roam freely in forests, fells, lakes and rivers without landowner's permission. You can camp, but respect people's privacy.

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