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These vehicles are all rated at between 4 - 5 stars, and are under 2 years old

7-Berth RV 28-30ft C Class

7 Berth RV 28-30ft C Class

with slide-out

Sleeps 4 Adults + 3 children
from Road Bear
Under 2 years old
6-Berth Sleeps AF34 Class A Motorhome

6 Berth Sleeps AF34 Class A

with slide-out

Sleeps 3 Adults + 3 children
from Compass
Under 2 years old
5-berth Tucana RV Campervan

5 Berth Tucana RV Campervan

Sleeps 4 Adults + 2 children
from Star RV
Under 2 years old

USA RV Road Trip Planner

The main depots for an RV road trip are in almost every State and everywhere in between.

Our intrepid customers drive across the USA from East to West and back again.

We have listed our suggestions below by popular destinations and will be adding more throughout the year.

We start with the most popular: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Denver and Miami. These routes include highlights such as the Grand Canyon, Disney World, Route 66 and the Empire State Building.

Take your time planning your road trip and allow lots of spare time to go off course and explore more.

Travel Information by State:

Useful links to find out about USA

Ok, So You Have All the Links You Need to Help You Plan Your Trip, So What's Next?

Choose the definite things you want to do and see.

That way you won't miss out on anything major. You can then calculate the distances and mileage needed and decide if you have left yourself enough time to do all of these.

You can then plot a rough route and work out the length of time needed. The temptation is to fit in too much on one trip. Allow some extra days that you can use up to stay longer in one place or re-route to see something else you have discoverd.

If you are a "boondocker" then you will be on the lookout for free-camping areas on your way. If you are keen to spend every night in a booked campsite then pre-book the first and last night and any campsites that are close to popular attractions especially at peak times.

There are long school and college holidays in the USA between the end of May and early September depending on the State and renting RV's is a popular pastime for many American families.

Route 66is one of the most popular routes. So too is the trans-America journey where you collect in New York and return to Los Angeles or vice versa.

Stock up on day one. Park up and load the fridge, freezer (if you have one) and store cupboard. You can then choose to stay in and cook or, if you are in a remote place you are well catered for.

Don't forget you are in your "home on wheels" and you have the flexibility to go where you want to when you are ready.

The RV is great when you are travelling with the family or friends. Everyone can enjoy choosing the route and where to stop for the night.

You will be surprised at how relaxing it is.

Pack light and pack casual.

If you plan a long stretch of driving then use the Walmart car parks or the truck stops to spend the night.

Campsites are everywhere. If you plan to spend some time in the National Parks then book ahead. If you are visiting Disneyland or any of the theme parks, they all have RV parks for overnight stays and they are often themed too.

Take the bikes, pack a surf board, golf clubs or skate boards...there's plenty of room in the big-rigs.

Talk to your neighbours. There is a great network of RV'ers who will give you top advice on where to go and where to park up and where to eat.

Campsite bbq's and fire's are a great place to swap stories and advice.

Check the Weather. Don't forget, you can head in the opposite direction from a storm, stay another day where you are or just stay indoors.

FoodCook in the camper van, outside on the BBQ. Take along favourite recipes if you enjoy cooking or grab a pizza or dine out and stay in the carpark overnight. The choice is yours.

Stay in the RV every night or, if you feel like it, stay in a hotel for the night for a change.

DrivingDon't be put off with driving a larger vehicle. They are just about always automatic. The roads, campsites, car parks and streets are mostly wide and big and well used to accomodating even the largest motorhomes and RV's and that goes for campsites as well.

Take your time to get used to the larger width and height. Take advantage of reversing cameras if they are in place. Drive slower. Get one of your passengers to watch you reverse or park. It doesn't take long to get used to driving a larger motorhome. The mirrors are well placed and the windows are large and you are high up.

Take lots of breaks. Drive during daylight hours as it is a lot less stressful when you're just getting used to a new vehicle.

It is so much easier to allocate a navigator and not have to do both drive and work out your route.

Handy tip - pick a large RV if you are travelling with adult kids.

The USA is vast. Consider renting for a couple of weeks and driving a circuit then fly to another city and pick up point and drive another circuit. This will save you long distance drives so you can maximise your time.

Take a map.We are so used to using the map apps on our phone but if you are travelling in remote areas you probably won't get a signal. Anyway, you can't draw out your route on the phone with a Sharpie.

Take a portable hard drive to store all your photos on. If you can't get wi-fi to upload to the cloud then at least you have a back up.

There are plenty of Apps to load onto your phone to find the nearest campsites, gas stations, national parks, coffee shops. Make use of them and share them with those friends you met. You know the "snowbirds"

Top Tips - regularly empty the grey water tanks and the cassette toilet. This will keep your camper staying fresh. I read that this process is best done in daylight. Just sayin!

If you are planning on travelling to a remote area make sure the gas tanks are full. Also check on water levels and cooking gas bottles too.

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